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February 11th, 2000
I'm rich! I'm rich!

Egad, I am so rich. Well, let's put it in perspective here.

Let's keep in mind that my house is falling apart. The doors are warping and sliding into separate pieces, I've lost my bathtub plug so I am using a wash cloth again, my waterbed is self-destructing and my carpet looks like Astroturf that has seen the better part of a Superbowl.

So, obviously, in looking at my trailer trash existence above, and I can say that because I live in a trailer, what may seem like a little bit of money to some can be a whole hell of a lot to me.

Drum roll, please. Thank you.

In the past two days, the past 48 hours, mind you, I have made..........


I can just sit here and look at that figure all day long. I am positively blown away by the fact that people are willing to pay me to be funny. I'm stunned.

Well, enough of that.

So, today we had a long time employee leave the company. I was sad to see him go but, no sooner was he out the door, I ransacked his desk. Took all of the good stuff and his brand new 17 inch monitor for my computer. It's all very nice. He even bequeathed me a can of beef stew. Everyone wanted it, but I got it. I'm not going to eat it, either. I'm just going to set it on the corner of my desk as a status symbol of my worth for the rest of the office to covet and worship forever. Yay me, too bad for them.

I'm debating whether I want to write tonight. I did one column today but I really feel a bit burnt out. Not from writing, just from my day. It's been a long week of getting up at a new, early hour and I think I need a break.

We are working on another puzzle. Quite a hard one, actually. I have it set up on the kitchen table and for the last few days my cats, while chasing each other around the house at a maniacal pace, keep sliding across the table at eight hundred miles an hour, sending puzzle pieces flying. It's quite frustrating. They knocked a mountain down the other day and ruined a lake this morning. I keep hoping that, if I leave it there long enough, one of these days they'll zoom across the surface and manage to get that lily field I can't seem to figure out knocked together for me.

Two hours until ER comes on. That means I am going to write. It's either that or lay in bed with my son watching Cow and Chicken. What ever happened to those great kid shows, like H.R. Puffenstuff? Anyone remember that one? H.R. Puffenstuff, who's your friend when things get rough? That was a cool song. And I had such a crush on Jimmy. I think it must be the accent.

Speaking of accents, I had a fellow come into the office the other day to pick up some paperwork for a shipment from Switzerland. Swiss accent and cute as a button. The accent will get me every time.

Well, I am off to get some work done. I'll return on Monday. Have a super weekend, all.



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