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February 10th, 2000
The Transistion Zone

Hello, all! Look! I remembered you today! Ah ha ha ha ha ha. What a blast that was yesterday, standing there naked after my shower and pressed for time, to suddenly realize I had forgotten to put an entry in. Was my face red.

Worked, worked, worked today. Did editing, did writing, writing now, writing later, stop to eat and sleep, get up and write some more. I'm pleased to say that, even though I am not solely relying upon my writing to survive, if I wanted to I could quit my day job now and just stay home doing this all day. That's pretty cool.

My husband started his new job on Monday, which I mentioned. He's doing new construction, so he's plumbing new homes. That's another reason why I am working so hard. We want a new home. Our very first new home. If all goes well, I should be able to make that happen in the next two years. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am now working on a piece about how a woman's body changes during pregnancy. I'm actually taking an old strictly humor story and adding in scientific facts to make it comprehensive. That's my job for today. Tomorrow? Not sure. I have a column due next Wednesday, so I have time on that, and my one for Sunday is already done. I do need to do a few more columns for something else but I am six ahead of schedule there. I'm not even sure where I am finding the time, but somehow I am.

So, yesterday my boss was whining that he needed a haircut. I offered to do it for him and he asked, "Can you cut hair?" I told him, "No. I just want to get scissors close to your head." Suffice it to say, he passed on my offer.

The little ones are playing Crash Bandicoot again. I have a three year old that is horribly addicted but, in all honesty, besides keeping him quiet he has learned extraordinary hand/eye control and can work those buttons like a madman. He's so proud of himself, too. And he's better at it than most of the family now.

Well, I am back off to work. I did post something new. It about birth and labor. If you'd like to read it, I welcome you to do so. Hang on to your hats, you're now entering
The Transition Zone.

See you Friday!



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