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February 8th, 2000
Hello Michigan!

That's right! Hello to all you folks in Michigan! I shall soon be traveling your beautiful streets as I am flying out in a few weeks to meet with the doll people. A trip for me. I never get to go anywhere, which is nice.

It's 8pm and Ally McBeal is on. I am missing Ally to write to you folks. See, how dedicated I am?

I just finished a new column for that men's magazine on birth and labor. They are working me to the bone, but it's fun. I haven't posted it yet, so I shall do so tomorrow.

Interesting note. Remember the waterbed fiasco? This morning I wake up at about 5:45am, as my husband makes a ton of noise when he prepares for work. My three year old, Nico, had moved into my bed over the night and he wanted to get out of the room but couldn't operate the door.

I get up and shuttle down to the end of my bed and hang over the base of it in an attempt to turn the knob. And the whole back end of my waterbed falls off, taking me with it. What a fabulous way to begin the morning, and it will no doubt become a column for me soon. Instead of Alice Through the Looking Glass we have Alice Falling Square on her Ass.

I want to take a moment to say a special hi to SuzyQ who signed my guestbook and says she misses me on the boards! I love you, Suz! I'm just busy, but she understands that.

Tonight is also a brand, spanking new Third Watch and finally I get my romance! If Scully and Mulder won't do it, I'll settle for this. If you have never watched the show, I highly recommend it. It's like ER, LA Law and The Practice all rolled into one. Very intense.

Well, time to run. The wee one wants to lay with mom. I'll be back with a new column tomorrow.

See you then;


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