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February 7th, 2000
From Birth to Toddler

Whoopee! I darn near forgot about you. Is my face ever red.

I had a marvelous email in my box this evening. Someone made contact with me and has offered me a spot to write 4 columns a month at $100 a pop. And I never even contacted them, they just happened to find me. I feel remarkably honored, really.

This doll thing is sucking me dry! All I did was write about dolls this weekend. I now know every conceivable doll known to man. Wait. Men don't know crap about dolls. I take that all back.

It was a relatively quiet weekend. I did nothing. That's right, nothing. I actually wrote all morning long and then spent the rest of my day working on puzzles. I love puzzles. We just buy those cheap little ones at $1.99 a box, but it's hours of entertainment and it costs only pennies. That's a good deal, if I do say so myself.

My husband starts his new job tomorrow. He'll be home in the evenings again. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, as we have grown so accustomed to being apart. We even argue during puzzling.

"Honey, quit it. You're moving the puzzle edge!"

"Well, you keep finding the piece I'm looking for on purpose! You just like to beat me to it. You're soooooo spiteful!"

We're all still alive, though.

Did the bulk shopping experience today. Yowza, what a blast. Two hours in the store for milk. Milk is about a buck cheaper per gallon there, so we force ourselves to go. Today it was a nuthouse. There were lines about twenty people long, and Lord knows I sure didn't want to stand there for hourse. So I didn't. The kids and I ate hot-dogs and drank slurpees at the
snackbar and waved to my hubby every few minutes.

And, as busy as they were, they shut down my husbands line. Must have been time for the teller to go home. So, they placed a big orange cone behind him and asked that he "drag" it along as he moved foreword. So, there we sat. Eating our munchies and watching the "Keeper Of The Cone" do his job. Poor thing.

I've also had an invitation to write for a new men's magazine that should be coming on line in March. Though I have had no firm offers yet, I am almost convinced he is committed. I drafted up a few things on spec for him, which means they tell you what they are looking for and you pull it off. I've done
two columns broken into five parts, so I think he is interested. We'll wait to see what happens.

So, if you are at all curious, one of them is on my website. It's called
"The Birth of a Toddler", and you can find it here.

Until Tuesday, I'm still......


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