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February 03, 2000
The Artful Dodger

Morning! How are we all today? Not you, Peg and Marion. Sit down.

I'm sitting here working on yet another Doll Project. I would think this stuff would just come pouring out, but I'm really too tired to function. I'm trying, though. To function, that is.

I have some news. The folks at the Doll Collecting forum I have been working with have asked me to be their Editor. I find that fascinating. Of course, I am honored, and if all goes well I'll be accepting the job. We're ironing out the details now, but it sounds like a tremendous challenge and a great opportunity for me. If I can get editing under my belt on the web, and do it well, I can go just about anywhere. I could be really great for my future.

What a boring journal today. I was up until almost 1am last night -- just couldn't sleep -- and I was back out of bed at 6am. Ugh. It's only a little after 8pm here and I am already longing to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. I need the sleep. I have so much to do tomorrow, I feel sick thinking about it.

Everyone take a minute to wave to my Mom and Dad! Hi, Mom and Dad! Imagine, your worst teenage fears realized; your mom and dad reading your diary. Now I won't be able to talk about perverted sex and animal sacrifices anymore. Just clean stuff for Mom and Dad. Well, maybe I'll throw the word "hooters" in every once in a while just to give Pop a jump-start, but for the rest of it, I'll behave.

Since I can feel myself fading, I'll jump from the intro straight into my newest column. The Artful Dodger.

I'll be going to bed now. Make sure there's coffee for the morning.



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