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February 01, 2000
"Psychic, Schmychic"

Hello, fair readers of the Cofferooms! Fond hello to Peg and Marion who have now also signed my guestbook. They never run out of things to do, those two. Hey, if you all haven't signed my guestbook, do so. I need an ego boost.

I was included in a humor list email today to some zillion kabillion thousand people, so my site has had more hits on it than I ever have had in the past. And someone actually signed up for my emailing list. This means, whenever I update, I send them an email through Listbot. I almost wept when I saw it. Someone on my mailing list. I wonder what they would think if they knew they were the only one? Pack up their email and run for the hills, I imagine.

Hey, you all want to help a friend of mine? He's trying to decide which picture to head his web page with. I voted for "B" but I think you should all cast a vote. Sweet, dear Larry. He needs help. It takes about two seconds to look at the pictures and pick one. If nothing else, it's a scream. He's superimposed his head over various famous bodies. Check it out.

So, I'm just sitting here trying to scrounge up more work. Freelance, that is. I've been perusing the message boards all day looking for ads that suit me and I tend to zone out when I do that so I thought I had better get this out of the way now. Didn't want the three or four people who read me to think I forgot them.

My five year old is going through a whining stage. She cries from the moment she gets up until the minute she hits the pillow. It's all very dramatic. Now we're not cooking dinner fast enough for her. And my three year old is still addicted to PlayStation. He's quite good. If I could find a contest and enter him in his age division, he'd clean up.

Hey, I'm in the Sleazy Tabloid now! I'm the featured Entertainment Reporter. Hee hee. I can now write sleazy on my resume.

Well, I'm off. More researching to do. You may want to check out something new I wrote. Might be worth a chuckle.

Til tomorrow;


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