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January 31st, 2000
Some Bunnie's Cooking!

Hola, people! I had a most marvelous weekend and I hope yours was the same.

I did a fair amount of writing, columns for here and there, and I also received another email from Peg and Marion. Well, not just one, more like three. I've now forwarded off the URL's of all my friends to them in the hopes it will assuage the onslaught of Peg and Marion mail. They're nice girls, whoever they are. I just think they need more friends to play with. Oh, lest I forget. They have now discovered The Coffeerooms. Wave hello, because they are probably here, right now, skulking through the message boards.

I'm tired and the X-Files was a repeat. I have a few minutes left before I am off to bed. I bought a wonderful new quilt for the bedroom. Soft green and blue flannel. It's like heaven. I can hardly wait to climb under it.

I cleaned all day today. Ugh. Now, this was not my plan. My husband, whom never cleans a thing, got a wild hair up his behind today and started cleaning everything. My refrigerator has never looked so spotless. We even moved a new waterbed into my son's room.

I didn't have to clean with them, mind you, but I complain loudly and voraciously all the time that no one lifts a damn finger around here but me. Thus, I find myself cleaning out of requirement and not desire. My ranting will hold no weight on further days if I spent all day lounging in my pajamas and eating potato chips. I wanted to, though. I really, really did.

I spent my day in Allison and Nico's room. Once again I went through ALL of their toys, sorting cleverly and dumping all the garbage away. I've got all of the Barbie stuff in one drawer, the Hot Wheels in another. It's an exercise in futility and I'm sure Peg and Marion will email me forthwith to tell me what an organized nut I am. By tomorrow it will be one molten toy lump on the carpet again. I don't know why I even try.

My mom and dad got WebTv. I should pull a Tom Green here and post their address so EVERYONE can send them mail and tell them "Hi!". I won't though. Mom can still kick my ass. I spent all of Friday after work showing her how to work it. Set up her address book, etc. She loves it. I did tell dad no pornography, though. They had better behave or I'm yanking their privileges.

Time for bed. I did draft up a cute little column for you. It's an actual recipe you can use for Easter. It really works.

See you Tuesday;


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