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January 28, 2000
The Mega-nator

Hola, Coffeerooms' Peeps. A shout out to my java homies!

It's 7:30pm and the little kidlets are watching Scooby Doo. I'm chatting on ICQ fending off the advances of yet another over amorous cyberman. Men are so cute. Really. Pat on the head kinda cute.

Today was a most awesome day. Awesome. Got a super nice letter from the folks at Amateur Chef who just gushed about how funny I was. I'm so funny. I make them laugh out loud. Nice feeling. It's good to get that kind of mail because you journal reading freeloaders NEVER email me! With the exception of about three of you who I will remember when I am rich and famous. So, write me. I'm lonely. The only mail I am getting right now is from Peg and Marion, my stalking sanction, and they
wrote me again today.

Also, the doll collecting folks want me to do longer columns, but in a different venue. Interviews, etc. And it pays more per word. PLUS a comic strip, blurbs and all, to which I am attempting to find an illustrator for. AND....drum roll please....they are mailing me another $1,000 today just cause they love me. Doll People ROCK!!!

I've sent off about a million queries tonight for freelance positions. I would like to get a few more gigs until I am pulling in at least two grand a month in writing alone. That would sure help us out. And, if I can do two grand and still have time to write more, I'm shooting higher. It's going very well. Knock on wood.

My hubby quit his job with my blessing today. In the four days he has worked this week -- on commission -- he made $60. To top it off, he lost a big job last night because they didn't even stock a shovel in his van. Sometimes I wonder how people like that stay in business at all.

My room stinks. From the waterbed fiasco.

"Swamp da da da da
You make my room stink....
You reek more than anything....
Swamp thing."

Ugh. It's that bad.

Well, not too much more to talk about today. Hubby has some interviews lined up, I have more queries to do. Oh, I did whip up a little sample of what I'll be doing for Amateur Chef for Helpless in the Kitchen. You can read that here.

See you Monday!



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