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January, 25th, 2000
Pardon me for being Kurt

Yeehaw! I have a headache. Ugh. I have spent a total of 16 hours over the last two days reworking my site. Added new graphics, cleaned it all up so EVERY one of my zillion or so pages is common, added a search page for humor,
a listbot that let's me notify folks on change, added a quadrillion META tag codes - and I have no idea why - I just do it cause they tell me to.

Awhile back I joined
The Netwits. Not sure if I told you or not. They are the premier Humor Columnists of the Internet group. Well, we like to think we're premier, anyhow. Most often, we are just desperate. It's a nice sounding board. We mail stuff back and forth and tell each other how much we think the other one sucks. It's all motivated out of fear and jealousy. I would recommend checking them out if you're looking for super funny stuff to read. Don't tell them I said that. If anyone asks, I think they all suck. Har har.

I have an interview this afternoon for an Associates Producer position for Oxygen media. I'd go into detail, but it may bore you to tears. Pretty much just running a new website they are launching. Well, a division of that site, anyway. One that is focused primarily on toys and baby products. Who knows all of that crap better than me, I figure. It pays very well and could
be my ticket out of the urban ghetto. Let's all think good thoughts.

I'll soon be doing a regular feature for
Sleazy Tabloid.
I'm handling their Entertainment division. This one is strictly probono, but I really just long to write the word Sleazy on my resume. Just think of the seedy, backroom doors that can open for me!

Hey, Peg and Marion paid me another visit yesterday. I updated their area on
my website. I am perplexed, to say the least. I think it's someone from my writers group yanking on my cyber leg. Whoever they are, they're good. I may post the letter here tomorrow. May not. Either way, you can check it out. Whackos. Really, I think they are whackos but it gives me tons of stuff to write about. Also, they are working on a certificate for my site. Deeming me worthy or some such nonsense. That's okay. I need a certificate. I have no awards, no nothing. I feel very cyber unloved.

My kids have a cold. All of them. And I have a cat that is about the size of a teacup that has mysteriously gone into heat. She is so small and she was orphaned so we have no idea of her age. Thought we had oodles of time to get her fixed, but she beat us to it. She's been caterwauling around my house for twenty-four hours now and I am ready to slap on some rubber gloves and take care of her myself. I'm crazy from the noise.

I still love my new digital cable. It's opened a whole word of viewing pleasure for me. As a matter of fact, over the weekend, I managed to trip across a hideous movie called Gymkata. Whether you've seen it or not, I suggest you read this. It's my new column. Pardon me for
being Kurt.

I'll see you all tomorrow.



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