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January 19th, 2000
Coining a Phrase

Hello, fellow Cyberworlders!

Interesting note. Today I received an email from a woman in the backwoods of Montana or some equally remote barren whatnot. She had stumbled across my Brad Pitt website and, as oxygen must be sparse out there with all of those trees, is now trying to set me, Mr. Brad Pitt, up with her 16 year old niece. I quote:

"She is gorgeous and smart-a Christian girl with a great family. (Me included)..BUT out here on the prairies of Montana there is slim pickings for a date. (Her mom is the local Justice of the Peace. That makes it worse.) Her mom and I decided to Email you to see what you might be doing on some Saturday night in April. I don't even know the date yet. Jennifer is invited too. What a blast."

Indeed. Sounds like a hootenanny. Now, far be it from me to lead this woman on, but sometime in the next day or so I may craft a clever answer and forward it to her. This is my one and only chance to be part of that select "beautiful crowd." How can someone of my amusingly low stature pass this up?

So, the honey started his new job this week. He's got stitches in his hand and they have him riding in tandem training some guy who already works there. Now if that doesn't win you friends and influence people, I don't know what will. Come in fresh off the street and lounge around in the spare seat of a truck telling established company workers how stupid they are. Way to go, honey. You know none of us at home listen to you for crap so this is your time to shine!

I now also have digital cable. I love my digital cable. Seven thousand channels of flotsam and jettison to choose from and I still can't seem to pry myself away from the regular network fare. I do surf a great deal but I just can't seem to stop long enough to soak up any information. As a matter of fact, while channel slumming the other evening, a new column sprang to life. I call it
"Coining a Phrase" and you can find it right there.

I shall leave you now. Keep an eye out in future posts for Mr. Pitt. And I may even let him bring Jenny along.

See ya;


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