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January 17th, 2000
Bad Motor Joo-Joo

Happy Monday!

Okay, here is the latest scoop, in no order of merit.

The hubby got a new job! Another plumbing company has hired him on and, thankfully, this one does not adorn their service vans with large purple dinosaurs wielding crescent wrenches. However, taking into account that the company name is Rocket Rooter, I imagine he'll be driving around in a Jetson's contraption similar to the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile soon. And wearing a big UFO cap on his head.

My diary will also be shifting about some. If you read my posts awhile back, you'll be aware that I am now doing a considerable amount of freelancing. It's all very important and on the up and up. That means I send my stuff off and they reject it until, no after resounding no, I am scrolling my columns on toilet paper in our local Writer's Guild hang out in the hopes an editor will wipe his behind with me. Ah, the lucrative price of fame.

I have gotten a few bites, little ones with small amounts of compensation, but writing is not a pretty job. It's grueling, difficult and night after night as you bang your head on your keyboard overwhelmed with futility your children will go to bed hungry because your desire for fame is consuming all of your natural resources.

Kidding. I only say that to keep most of you out of the market. I've been reading the
Your Story message boards. You scare me. Keep your talent at home.

Anyway, as I was saying. I am shifting around a bit here in my diary. Most of my columns will be carried on my private server now and, if I come up with something that I think might tickle you, I'll add a link to the new stuff somewhere in my daily post. It'll be like a treasure hunt! What fun, what fun!

I only do this because anything I use here I am hard pressed to sell for a whopping nickel in regular markets because they consider it published. Annie and Mike were very nice about letting me add my links without asking me to load up my crap and get packing. ::sniffling:: They love me, afterall.

Good news! What, you say? More! Yes, I shall soon be doing a regular column in satirical fashion for some folks starting an antique doll website. And they are actually going to pay me for it. Crazy bunch of old doll collecting coots.

Now, on the bad news note. I had two flat tires this week. That's right! Two. And I wrote a little something about it
you can read here.

Until tomorrow.....



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