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Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
Valentine's Day and youíre at work. Try to squeeze some romance into your workday. When itís time to head home, whether to a house full of kids, a favorite restaurant, or maybe champagne and desert in front of a fire or a romantic video, you will have shared some loving fun during the day, and made your Valentine's Day special.

Start your day with a valentine's breakfast.
Give a gift of valentine clothing to wear during the day. Maybe a silk boxer shorts or lingerie.
Add a valentine or love note in your partner's lunch.
During the day, phone or e-mail each other to say "I love you."
Meet for lunch if you can.
Bring something fun from home, or plan ahead and make reservations at a romantic restaurant.
If weather allows, plan your lunch meeting around a walk outdoors. A midday walk is a wonderful time to hold hands and talk.
Take an extended coffee break and meet for gourmet coffee and dessert in the afternoon.
Mail a valentine to your partner's place of work.
Arrange to have flowers, candy, or a small gift delivered to your partner at work.
If you're both online during the day, Send an "
e Valentine." They're easy, free, and instant!


a special day set aside to remember falling in love & when naughtiness can be a virtue


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