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Ricky Schroder Bio


xname: Rick Schroder
xborn: April 13, 1970 in Staten Island, NY
xtrivia: lives in Colorado on a 16000 acre working ranch with his wife and children; the Schroders designed and built their own ranch house; claims to have settled down after running with a "fast crowd" in Hollywood
film projects:
x1.What We Did That Night (1999) (TV)
x2.I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998)
x3."NYPD Blue" (1993) TV Series ... Det. Danny Sorenson (1998-)
x4.Detention: The Siege at Johnson High (1997) (TV) ... Jason
x5.Too Close To Home (1997) (TV) ... Nick Donahue
x6.Ebenezer (1997) (TV) ... Sam Benson
x7.Heart Full of Rain (1997) (TV) ... Isaiah
x8.Innocent Victims (1996) (TV)
x9.Crimson Tide (1995) ... Lt. Paul Hellerman
10.To My Daughter with Love
(1994) (TV) ... Joey Cutter
(1994) (TV) ... Otto MacNab
12."Return to Lonesome Dove"
(1993) TV Series ... Newt Dobbs
13.Call of the Wild
(1993) (TV) ... John Thornton
14.There Goes My Baby
(1993) ... Stick
15.Miles from Nowhere
(1992) (TV) ... Frank Reilly
16.My Son Johnny
(1991) (TV) ... Johnny
17.Blood River
(1991) (TV) ... Jimmy Pearls
18.Across the Tracks
(1991) ... Billy Maloney
19.The Stranger Within
(1990) (TV) ... Mark
20.A Son's Promise
(1990) (TV) ... Terry O'Kelly
21.Out on the Edge
(1989) (TV) ... Danny Evetts
22."Lonesome Dove"
(1989) TV Series ... Newt Dobbs
23.Terror on Highway 91
(1989) (TV) ... Clay Nelson
24.Too Young the Hero
(1988) (TV) ... Calvin Graham
25.A Reason to Live
(1985) (TV) ... Alex Stewart
26.Two Kinds of Love
(1983) (TV)
27."Silver Spoons"
(1982) TV Series ... Ricky Stratton
28.Hansel and Gretel
(1982) (TV) ... Hansel
29.Something So Right
(1982) (TV) ... Joey Bosnick
30.The Earthling
(1980)... Shawn Daley
31.The Last Flight of Noah's Ark
(1980)... Bobby
32.Little Lord Fauntleroy
(1980) (TV)... Lord Fauntleroy (Ceddie Errol)
33.The Champ
(1979)... T.J. Flynn

comments: Rick Schroder has been acting for nearly 20 years, making the tough transition from child star, through young male star and into adult leading man sometimes bumpily. He's the first to admit he fell in with a fast crowd during his teen years and early 20's, but he seems to have come out the other side no worse for wear. Terribly cute as a kid star, he's grown into a real hunk of a man. Best known perhaps for a few milestones in his lengthy career, such as his stint on "Silver Spoons" and his role in the Lonesome Doves, his very first major role, in 1979's The Champ, earned him a well deserved Golden Globe nomination. His acting is natural and rarely forced, and it's hard to name a bad performance from this fine young actor. Seen most recently in 95's Crimson Tide, Rick turned in a bravo performance there too. Rick is currently living on his massive 16,000 acre ranch in Colorado with his wife and children. His latest project is Det. Danny Sorenson on "NYPD Blue".

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