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Remington SteeleWhen Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), a beautiful young private detective begins her own business (Laura Holt investigations), she soon discovers that no one is willing to hire a female detective. In an attempt to attract clients, Laura creates a mythical boss named Remington Steele, renames her company (Remington Steele Investigations), and suddenly business is booming. Shortly after, a mysterious man - the man with Remington's face (Pierce Brosnan) - appears and cons Laura into making him her partner, the mysterious Remington Steele. The charming series combines humor and mystery as it details Laura and Remington's case investigations. (from Fifty Years of Television, A Guide to Series and Pilots, 1937-1988, by Vincent Terrace)

Laura HoltLaura Holt and Remington Steele had come together quite by accident, but they made a great pair of sleuths. She was smart, brassy, and attractive; he was cultured, handsome, and extremely charming. Together they solved complex murder mysteries in high society, while maintaining a relationship that bordered on the romantic. Actually, Remington had begun as a figment of Laura's imagination. Opening her own investigation agency, she found that a woman's name did not bring in assignments, so she invented an imaginary boss - Remington Steele - and business boomed. Trouble was, wealthy clients kept wanting to meet this supersleuth whose name was on the door. Along came an incredibly handsome chap with a suave manner and a mysteriousRemington Steele background; just what she needed. Steele (his real name and background remained a mystery) bumbled a lot at first, but learned the private eye's trade quickly and soon was more than a front man for Laura. A fan of old Hollywood movies, he often pursed a case by playing out a scene from a classic film like
The Thin Man, Notorious, or Key Largo. With easy banter and close teamwork, and occasional comic interludes, the stylish pair proved that romance and mystery did still mix.

Remington SteeleThere were changes in the supporting cast for the second season, as Bernice the secretary (Janet DeMay) ran off with a saxophone player and was replaced by Mildred (Doris Roberts), an ex-I.R.S. agent who had lost her government job after letting Remington beat a tax-evasion charge; and Murphy, Laura's original partner (James Read), left to form his own agency.

Remington Steele's last regular season was 1985-1986. However, in early 1987 NBC aired two new two-hour movies in which Laura and Remington solved international mysteries and finally consummated their relationship. (from The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946 - present, by Tim Brooks and Earl Marsh)

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