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Family Ties Trivia Answers


1. On what date and network did Family Ties premiere?
A: September 22, 1982 on NBC

2. The network agreed to air Family Ties under what condition?
B: They replace Michael J. Fox

3. Which two Family Ties cast members were born on the same day?
C: Michael Gross & Merideth Baxter-Birney

4. In what city & state did the Keatons live?
A: Columbus, Ohio

5. Why was Steven hospitalized at the start of the final season?
B: Heart attack

6. What happened to Aunt Trudy during her visit?
C: She died

7. What happened to Elyse when she performed live on Steven's TV station?
B: She went into labor

8. Which actress from the hit show Friends played one of Alex's girlfriends?
A: Courtney Cox

9. What did Jennifer do to impress a jock?
B: Faked being dumb

10. What happened when Mallory went to Princeton with Alex to surprise her boyfriend?
C: She caught him with another girl

11. Why did Alex leave home in the series finale?
A: He got a job on Wall Street

12. What 80's love song was made famous after being heard on the later years of Family Ties?
B: "At This Moment" by Billy Vera & the Beaters

13. Michael J. Fox met his real-life wife on Family Ties. Who was it?
C: Tracy Pollan as Ellen

14. Why was Alex so happy when Andy was born?
A: He was a boy

15. Because of the snowstorm, where was Elyse forced to give birth to Andy?
B: Steven's office

16. What saddened Alex & Steven's quality time while Elyse was away?
C: Steven's father died

17. What was Alex's parting words when he left home?
A: "I love you guys"

18. In "My Name Is Alex", why did Alex feel so guilty about Greg's death?
B: He was supposed to be in the car with Greg

19. What famous 80's actor was originally supposed to play Alex?
C: Matthew Broderick

20. On what date did the series finale air?
A: May 17, 1989

21. What famous Hollywood actor played Elyse's brother?
B: Tom Hanks

22. Who sang the theme song for the first season?
C: Dennis Tufano & Mindy Sterling

23. What was the name of the theme song in the first season?
A: "Us"

24. What made Uncle Ned finally call AA?
B: He punched Alex

25. What two famous Married With Children stars appeared in two different Family Ties episodes?
C: David Faustino & Christina Applegate


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