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Michael J. Fox ~ Bio


Name: Michael Andrew Fox

Born: June 9th, 1961

Father: William Fox

Mother: Phyllis Fox

Brother: Steven

Sisters: Karen, Jackie, and Kelli

Wife: Tracy Pollan

Children: Sam, Aquinnah, and Schuyler

Most Successful Movies: Back to the Future Trilogy, The Secret of My Success, Doc Hollywood

Least Successful Movies: Light Of Day, Life With Mikey, For Love or Money

Timeline ~

  • 1961 Michael Andrew Fox is born in Edmonton, Alberta

  • 1976 Michael lands a role in Leo and Me, A CBC tv-show. It lasts 13 weeks.

  • 1979 Michael drops out of high school and moves to Los Angeles.

  • 1980 Michael appears in his first major motion picture, Midnight Madness, which Disney has since disowned.
  • Michael lands the role of Willy-Jo Hall in the highly anticipated CBS drama Palmerstown USA. It is cancelled in less than a season.

  • 1982 Nearly broke, and ready to go back to Canada, Michael lands the role of Alex Keaton when Matthew Broderick turns it down.
  • Family Ties premieres to decent reviews, but very low ratings.

  • 1983 NBC executive Grant Tinker, decides that Family Ties just needs more time to find an audience, and orders an additional 22 episodes.

  • 1984 His commitment to Family Ties prevents Michael from taking the role of Duckie in Pretty In Pink.
  • His commitment to Family Ties prevents Michael from taking the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

  • 1985 Six weeks into filming, Robert Zemeckis decides to replace Eric Stoltz, in Back to the Future, with Michael J. Fox, and work around his Family Ties commitment.
  • From January to March, Michael films Back to the Future and shoots Family Ties at the same time.
  • Family Ties finishes the 1984-85 season at #5 in the Neilsens.
  • Back to the Future opens and becomes the highest grossing movie of the year, turning Michael into a major Hollywood star.
  • Teen Wolf, a low budget comedy filmed before Back to the Future, is released and opens #2 at the box office, right behind Back to the Future.
  • Tracy Pollan makes her debut on Family Ties as Ellen Reed, a role that would last one season.
  • Michael is nominated for his first emmy for Family Ties.
  • James Cagney calls into The Donahue Show, and asks Michael to portray him in a movie.

  • 1986 Family Ties finishes the 1985-86 season #2 in the Nielsens.
  • Michael wins his first emmy for Family Ties.

  • 1987 Michael's first post-Back to the Future movie, Light of Day, is a huge diappointment, critically and financially.
  • Family Ties finishes the 1986-87 season #2 in the Nielsens.
  • Secret of My Success opens to mixed reviews, but does generally well at the box office.
  • Family Ties is moved from the comfy post-Cosby Show timeslot to the more competitive Sunday slot against Murder, She Wrote.
  • Michael wins his 2nd emmy for Family Ties.

  • 1988 The heavily hyped Bright Lights, Big City gets a few good reviews, but is a major bomb at the box office.
  • Amidst a media circus, Michael and Tracy Pollan are married.
  • Family Ties finishes the 1987-88 season at #17 in the Nielsens.
  • Michael wins his 3rd emmy for Family Ties.

  • 1989 Family Ties ends it's 7 year run.
  • Casualties of War receives mixed reviews and is a disappointment at the box office.
  • Michael wins a Golden Globe Award for Family Ties
  • The 2nd film in the Back to the Future trilogy is released and sets a box office record for opening weekend.
  • Michael is nominated for his 5th emmy for Family Ties, but loses out to Richard Mulligan.
  • Sam Michael Fox is born.

  • 1990 Michael's father passes away.
  • The final Back to the Future film is released, effectively signalling the end of Michael's career of playing teenagers.

  • 1991 The much hyped The Hard Way turns out to be a critical and box office bomb.
  • Michael is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
  • Doc Hollywood opens to good reviews and ends up being the sleeper hit of the summer.
  • Michael directs an episode of Tales From the Crypt.

  • 1992 Michael takes a year vacation to spend time with Tracy and Sam.

  • 1993 Life With Mikey receives horrible reviews and is a humongous flop at the box office.
  • For Love Or Money is moved out of summer in an attempt to distance itself from Life With Mikey. It doesn't help, and is still to this day Michael's least successful movie.

  • 1994 Greedy opens to terrible reviews and is a huge bomb at the box office.
  • Michael returns to TV in the Woody Allen TV movie Don't Drink the Water. It finishes dead last in its timeslot.

  • 1995 The first movie for Michael's Snowback productions, Coldblooded, premieres at The Sundance Film Festival.
  • Michael takes a supporting role in a highly anticipated romantic comedy, The American President, which wins him raves and sets his career back on track.
  • Aquinna Kathleen Fox and Schuyler Frances Fox are born.

  • 1996 Robert Zemeckis likes the Frighteners so much he moves it up from Halloween to a very competitive summer. It flops.
  • Spin City premieres to critical raves and high ratings.
  • Michael is nominated for a Golden Globe for Spin City.
  • Mars Attacks! opens to disappointing reviews and box office.

  • 1997 Spin City finishes the 1996-97 season #19 in the Nielsens
  • Michael is nominated for his 6th emmy, this time for Spin City.

  • 1998 Michael wins a Golden Globe award as Best Actor in a Comedy for Spin City.
  • Spin City finishes the 1997-98 season at #45 in the Nielsens, winning it's timeslot in a tough battle and is renewed for a 3rd season.
  • One day before Thanksgiving, Michael announces to the public that he has Parkinson's disease.

  • 1999 Michael wins his 2nd Golden Globe award as Best Actor in a Comedy for Spin City.


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