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George Clooney Bio


Full name ~ George Timothy Clooney 
Birthdate ~ May 6th 1961in Lexington, Kentucky
Education ~ Northern Kentucky University 
Father ~ Nick Clooney, host of American Movie Classics -cable network
Mother ~ Nina, local councilwoman in Augusta, KY
Sister ~ Ada, an accountant and mother of two
Aunt ~Rosemary Clooney, jazz singer
Uncle ~ the late Jose Ferrer
Cousin ~ Miguel Ferrer (actor) 
Girlfriend ~ Céline Balitran (from France, law student, kindergarten teacher, now model)
Pets ~  Max, a black pot bellied pig (bought for actress Kelly Preston when they lived together) and two bulldogs named Lou and Bud, bought for his girlfriend Céline 

George Clooney was born on May 6, 1961 in Augusta Kentucky, to Nick Clooney, who was a well known news anchor and the host of a  popular local talk how on WLW at noon, named "The Nick Clooney Show". Nina Clooney was a beauty queen. His aunt is famed 50's singer  Rosemary Clooney (who, had a cameo on ER as Madame X). 

He was born in Lexington, Kentucky (and named after his Uncle George)- but the family moved a lot according to his father's job schedule. They stayed mostly around Cincinnati, Ohio, where his father was a host of a popular local talk show. He went to high school in Augusta, KY.

As a young man, George would occasionally fill in as floor director for Dad's show and helped out on other WRW programs. He also dreamed of being a big-league sports player, and tried out for the Cincinnati Reds at the age of sixteen. He was a good hitter, but lacked skill in other areas. George considered going back into broadcasting, then decided to attend Northern Kentucky University where he remained a freshman for three years.

When he was 20, George was invited to Lexington by his cousin, Miguel Ferrer, who was acting in a movie about horse racing with Aunt Rosemary. George was given a small part in the movie. This experience re-introduced young George to show business. He became determined to get into acting and earned money to go to Hollywood by cutting tobacco on his grandfather's farm, selling insurance and drawing caricatures at the mall.

At the age of 21, George headed to Hollywood in his maroon 1976 Monte Carlo (which he calls "The Danger Car") to Los Angeles with $300 to his name. He lived with Aunt Rosemary for about a year, auditioning for parts, acting as Rosemary’s driver, and doing odd jobs like construction work and selling women's shoes. He got kicked out of Aunt Rosemary's house and then lived in friend Tom Matthews's closet.

He had a year of rejections before he landed his first role in a small feature film with Charlie Sheen (never released). By age 23 however, he was starting to make a name for himself as one of the best looking actors in Hollywood, and was very gainfully employed, even though he made fifteen TV pilots that were never picked up as a series. In 1989, he married actress Talia Balsam but they divorced 3 years later. He has since had a series of high profile romances, but says "I'll never be married again, and I'll never have kids." Clooney's lives in an 8 bedroom, 2 story Tudor house, that he shares with some basketball friends. George remains immensely loyal to his pre-fame buddies.

3 year old George

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George the Jock

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