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Madonna FAQ


Q. Where and when was Madonna born?
Madonna was born in Bay City, Michigan on August 16, 1958. Her family lived in Pontiac, Michigan at the time but were visiting with Madonna's grandmother in Bay City when she decided to appear in the world.

Q. Is Madonna really her true name?
Yes, Madonna was named after her mother - Madonna Fortin. Her full birth name is 'Madonna Louise Ciccone'.

Q. Isn't Veronica part of her name? I've notice she puts the initials ML(V)C on some things.
Not technically. Madonna was raised Catholic and picked Veronica as her confirmation name.

Q. Where did Madonna grow up as a teen?
Madonna grew up in Pontiac, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. When the house got too small for the growing Ciccone family they moved to Rochester Hills, Michigan. Her father and step-mother still live in this house.

Q. What happened to Madonna's birth mother?
Madonna's birth mother died of cancer when Madonna was five. Her father employed a housekeeper named Joan Gustafson and eventually married her. They are still married.

Q. How many brothers and sisters does Madonna have?
Madonna has 3 sisters - Melanie, Paula and Jennifer (half sister) and 4 brothers - Martin, Mario (half brother), Christopher and Anthony.

Q. What is Madonna's father's name?
His name is Sylvio (Tony) Ciccone.

Q. Is Madonna's mole real?
Yes, she does have a mole under her right nostril. It looks reversed in some pictures, but that is just a result of reversing the negative during developing. Sometimes it is covered with makeup.

Q. What is Madonna's real hair color?
Her real hair color is dark brown.

Q. What nationality is Madonna?
Madonna is American, her father's family immigrated from Italy and her mother is French Canadian.

Q. What is Madonna's religion?
She was raised Catholic, however we do not know if she is still a practicing Catholicism.

Q. How many times has Madonna been married and to whom?
Madonna has only married once and that was to actor Sean Penn on her 27th birthday, Aug. 16, 1985. The marriage officially ended on January 10, 1989 when Madonna (for the second time) filed for divorce (on Jan. 5th) on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. She has not been married since.

Q. Does Madonna have any children?
Madonna has one daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, born October 14, 1996. The father is Carlos Leon, who is a personal trainer/actor ("Nash Bridges").

Q. Where does Madonna live?
Madonna has homes in New York (an apartment in Manhattan), Los Angeles and Miami. She lives between them depending on where she is working at the time.

Q. What movies has Madonna been in?
A Certain Sacrifice (Super-8) (straight to video,1985-filmed between Oct. '79 and Nov. '91)
Vision Quest (cameo appearance) (1985)
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Shanghai Surprise (1986)
Who's That Girl (1987)
Bloodhounds Of Broadway (1989)
Dick Tracy (1990)
Truth or Dare (aka In Bed With Madonna) (Documentary) (1991)
Shadows & Fog (cameo appearance) (1992)
A League Of Their Own (1992)
Body Of Evidence (1993)
Dangerous Games (aka Snake Eyes) (1993)
Four Rooms (1995)
Blue in the Face (cameo) (1995)
Girl 6 (1996)
Evita (1996)

Q. What albums has Madonna released?
Madonna (aka The First Album) (1983)
Like A Virgin (1984)
Vision Quest (soundtrack-contributed 2 songs) (1985)
True Blue (1986)
You Can Dance (compilation + 1 new track) (1987)
Who's That Girl (Soundtrack-contributed 4 Songs) (1987)
A Very Special Christmas (contributed 1 track) (1988)
Like A Prayer (1989)
I'm Breathless (1990)
Immaculate Collection (compilation + 2 new tracks) (1990)
Red, Hot, and Dance (contributed 1 track) (1992)
Barcelona Gold (contributed 1 track) (1992)
Erotica (1992)
Just Say Roe (contributed 1 track) (1993)
With Honors (Soundtrack-contributed 1 track) (1994)
Bedtime Stories (1994)
Inner City Blues: The Music of Marvin Gaye (contributed 1 track) (1995)
Something to Remember (compilation + 3 new tracks) (1995)
Evita-Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack (1996 US; 1997 abroad)
Carnival! (contributed 1 track) (1997)
Music from the Motion Picture Evita (1997 US; 1996 abroad)
Ray of Light (1997/1998)

Q. What long-form videos has Madonna released in North America?
Madonna (1985)
Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour (1986)
Ciao Italia (1988)
Madonna-Live Blond Ambition (Laser Disc only) (1990)
Immaculate Collection (1990)
Justify My Love (video single) (1990)
The Girlie Show: Live Down Under (1994)

Q. How many times has Madonna been on tour?
The Virgin Tour (1985)
The Who's That Girl Tour (1987)
The Blond Ambition Tour (1990)
The Girlie Show (1993)

Q. What singles has Madonna released?
Burning Up

Lucky Star

Like A Virgin

Material Girl
Angel/Into The Groove lTG was the B side and hence did not chart)
Crazy For You
Dress You Up

Live To Tell
Papa Don't Preach
True Blue
Open Your Heart

La Isla Bonita
Who's That Girl
Causin' A Commotion
The Look of Love (released abroad)

Like A Prayer
Express Yourself

Oh Father (US only)
Dear Jessie (released abroad)
Keep It Together
Hanky Panky
Justify My Love

Rescue Me

This Used To Be My Playground
Deeper and Deeper

Bad Girl
Fever (B-side to Bad Girl in U.S./released abroad)
Bye Bye Baby (released abroad)

I'll Remember
Take a Bow

Bedtime Story
Human Nature
You'll See
Oh Father (released abroad)

One More Chance (released abroad)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
You Must Love Me
Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Another Suitcase in Another Hall (released abroad)

Ray of Light

Q. What are Madonna's #1 Songs?
According to Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart, Madonna is tied with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for the most number one songs by a solo female artist. Eleven of her songs have been number one hits. Take a Bow, her most recent #1, is her longest, at 7 weeks.
Like A Virgin
Crazy For You
Live To Tell
Papa Don't Preach
Open Your Heart
Who's That Girl
Like A Prayer
Justify My Love
This Used To Be My Playground
Take A Bow

Q. What non-Madonna album tracks are there?
1.Gambler appears on the Vision Quest soundtrack.
2.Santa Baby a cover song appearing on A Very Special Christmas.
3.Ain't No Big Deal A B-side to "Papa Don't Preach" (outside of US) and "True Blue" (US)
4.Supernatural Like a Prayer leftover, first appeared as a B-side to "Cherish"; later a remix appeared on the album Red, Hot and Dance.
5.The Beast Within A haunting version of "Justify My Love" which appears on the JML maxi-single. Spoken word; Madonna is reading excerpts from the Book of Revelation.
6.Erotic the first version of the song which became "Erotica." Different lyrics and sound, released with the book "Sex." A remix appears on the "Erotica" maxi-single.
7.Up Down Suite A B-side to "Rain." Includes a sample of "Goodbye to Innocence."
8.Goodbye to Innocence Appears on "Just Say Roe." Originally supposed to appear on Erotica, it was nixed in favor of "Fever."
9.Let Down Your Guard A B-side to the UK release of "Secret."
10.Freedom Cut from "Bedtime Stories" this appears on the rainforest benefit album "Carnival!"
11.In addition, Madonna reads a poem on the soundtrack of 'Il Postino'. She has also done supporting vocals on "Guilty By Association" with Joe Henry. However, she is NOT the 'Mystery Girl' in Michael Jackson's "In the Closet"
12. Frozen maxi single with five additional versions of the song.
13. Ray of Light maxi single with 3 additional versions of the song.

Q. Has Madonna ever appeared on Broadway?
Yes, Madonna's first attempt at stage acting (1986) came in a little known experimental theatre piece entitled "Goose & Tomtom" which played for a short run in New York City. It cast Madonna and Sean Penn and like their film collaboration was also a complete disaster. She acted alongside Joe Mantegna and Ron Silver in a more recent David Mamet play, "Speed The Plow" (1988). And of course, she starred in the screen version of 'Evita' and is slated to star in the screen version of 'Chicago.'

Q. Who is Madonna's personal manager?
Freddy DeMann, who also previously managed such artists as Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie and The Smithereens. If you want to get in touch with anyone who has anything to do with Madonna however, all such enquiries usually go through Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg.

Q. Who's clothes (designs) does Madonna like to wear?
Of the many designers that Madonna admires some of her favorites are Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Betsy Johnson, and Gianni Versace.

Q. What musicians/singers influenced Madonna?
In Madonna's own words, "a lot of Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder". Her three favorite records-which she owned as 45 RPM singles-were Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense & Peppermint", Gary Puckett's "Young Girl" and The Box Tops "The Letter". Later, when she started playing in bands she was said to have been influence heavily by The Pretenders and The Police.

Q. What bands was Madonna in prior to going solo?
Some names of bands Madonna was in were: The Millionaires, Modern Dance, The Breakfast Club, Emmy, and also auditioned to be backup singer for disco singer, Patrick Hernandez who was best know for his single, "Born To Be Alive".

Q. Who the hell is this guy Otto Von Wernherr who I keep hearing about and released albums like, "Madonna, In The Beginning" etc?
In 1981, when Madonna was hard-up for money she took a job singing back-up for avant garde German artist Otto Von Wernherr. She lent her vocals to three of his songs, "Wild Dancing", "Cosmic Climb", and "We Are The Gods". Her actual participation on the tracks was minimal consisting of repetitive chorus lines behind Otto's monotone, spoken, flat and German accented vocals. When Madonna hit the big time, he remixed the songs to bring Madonna's voice out to the front of the mixes and released them on the UK label, Receiver Records which is now marketed as the package "Madonna (& Otto Von Wernherr) In The Beginning" and features extended dance mixes of the songs. The tracks and Madonna's voice are all horrific and his countless re-releases and picture discs are soley a rip-off. If you're a completist collector, you'll probably want to have at least one version of it, but other than that, it's a complete waste of time and money. There is also an album out called 'PreMadonna' which is produced by Madonna's long time collaborator Stephen Bray. It is of higher quality than the Otto crap and is comprised of early demos of some of her later hits.

Q. How can I get a copy of Madonna's book, "Sex"?
The book is now out of print and most stores have completely sold out of all of their copies. Some bookstores who have copies left are selling them for as high as $500.

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