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 Discography for Duran Duran

Duran Duran (1981)

Duran Duran (1981)

All Songs Written and Arranged by Duran Duran:
•Simon Le Bon •Nick Rhodes •John Taylor
•Roger Taylor •Andy Taylor

Singles: Planet Earth, Careless Memories, Girls on Film

3:30 Girls on film
3:59 Planet Earth
4:02 Anyone out there
4:03 To the shore
3:53 Careless Memories
5:25 Night Boat
4:06 Sound of Thunder
5:42 Friends of Mine
5:16 Tel Aviv

 Rio (1982)


Duran Duran are:
•Simon Le Bon •Nick Rhodes •John Taylor
•Roger Taylor •Andy Taylor
Saxophone on Rio - Andy Hamilton

Singles: My Own Way, Hungry Like the Wolf, Save a Prayer, Rio

5:39 Rio
4:51 My own way
3:50 Lonely in your nightmare
3:41 Hungry Like the Wolf
3:50 Hold back the rain
5:33 New religion
4:21 Last chance on the stairway
5:25 Save a prayer
5:13 The chauffeur

Duran Duran 1983

Duran Duran (1983)

Singles: Is There Something I Should Know?

3:30 Girls on film
3:59 Planet Earth
4:02 Anyone out there
3:53 Careless Memories
4:11 Is There Something I Should Know?
5:25 Night boat
4:06 Sound of thunder
5:42 Friends of mine
5:16 Tel Aviv

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

Singles: Union of the Snake, New Moon on Monday, The Reflex

5:28 The Reflex
4:18 New moon on Monday
3:39 (I'm looking for) Cracks in the Pavement
3:15 I take the dice
3:50 Of crime and passion
4:20 Union of the snake
4:03 Shadows on your side
3:20 Tiger Tiger
5:23 The seventh stranger

Picture: Arena (1984)


•Simon Le Bon •Nick Rhodes •John Taylor
•Roger Taylor •Andy Taylor
with - andy hamilton
raphael dejesus
charmaine burch

Singles: The Wild Boys, Save a Prayer

4:35 Is there something I should know?
4:02 Hungry Like the Wolf
5:37 New religion
6:11 Save a prayer
4:18 The wild boys
5:11 The seventh stranger
5:23 The Chauffeur
4:08 Union of the snake
4:32 Planet Earth
4:07 Careless memories

A View to a Kill (1995)


Notorious (1986)


•Simon Le Bon •Nick Rhodes •John Taylor
with •Steve Ferrone •Andy Taylor •Nile Rodgers

Singles: Notorious, Skin Trade, Meet El Presidente

4:18 Notorious
4:43 American Science
5:58 Skin Trade
5:56 A matter of feeling
4:31 Hold me
4:45 Vertigo (Do the demolition)
4:04 So misled
4:20 Meet El Presidente
3:25 Winter marches on
4:56 Proposition

 Big Thing (1988)

Big Thing

•Simon Le Bon •Nick Rhodes •John Taylor

Singles: I Don't Want Your Love, All She Wants Is, Do You Believe in Shame?

3:41 Big Thing
4:06 I don’t want your love
4:34 All she wants is
5:08 Too late Marlene
4:36 Drug (It’s just a state of mind)
4:23 Do you believe in shame?
5:19 Palomino
0:32 Interlude One
6:12 Land
0:32 Flute Interlude
2:37 The Edge of America
3:03 Lake Shore Driving
4:20 Drug (Daniel Abraham mix)

Decade (1989)


Singles: Burning the Ground

4:07 Planet Earth
3:30 Girls on Film
3:25 Hungry Like the Wolf
5:38 Rio
5:33 Save a Prayer
4:05 Is there something I should know?
4:20 Union of the Snake
4:25 The Reflex (7" version)
4:16 The Wild Boys
3:33 A View to a Kill
3:58 Notorious (45 mix)
4:25 Skin Trade (radio cut)
3:47 I don’t want your love (7" mix)
4:36 All she wants is (45 mix)
5:08 Too late Marlene [Brazilian release only]

Liberty (1990)

•John Taylor •Nick Rhodes •Simon Le Bon
•Warren Cuccurullo •Sterling Campbell

Singles: Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over), Serious

4:20 Violence of Summer
5:00 Liberty
3:29 Hothead
4:19 Serious
3:29 All along the water
4:43 My Antarctica
5:27 First Impression
4:29 Read My Lips
3:46 Can you deal with it?
5:11 Venice Drowning
5:20 Downtown

Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) 1993

Duran Duran
( Wedding Album)

Singles: Ordinary World, Come Undone, Too Much Information, Drowning Man, None of the Above, Femme Fatale, Breath After Breath

4:56 Too Much Information
5:39 Ordinary World
4:58 Love Voodoo
5:15 Drowning Man
0:54 Shotgun
4:38 Come Undone
4:58 Breath after Breath
5:33 UMF
4:21 Femme Fatale (written by Lou Reed.)
5:19 None of the above
4:25 Shelter
4:24 To who it may concern
7:14 Sin of the City

 Thank You (1995)

Thank You

Singles: White Lines (Don't Do It), Perfect Day

5:31 White Lines
5:06 I Wanna Take You Higher
3:51 Perfect Day
4:48 Watching the Detectives
3:52 Lay Lady Lay
4:00 911 is a Joke
4:05 Success
2:51 Crystal Ship
3:46 Ball of Confusion
6:36 Thank You
5:34 Drive By (Duran Duran)
4:26 I Wanna Take You Higher (alternate version)

"White Lines" (Melvin Glover/Sylvia Robinson). "I Wanna Take You Higher" (versions 1 and 2) (Sylvester Stewart). "Perfect Day" (Lou Reed). "Watching the Detectives" (Elvis Costello). "Lay Lady Lay" (Bob Dylan). "911 is a Joke" (Keith Shocklee/Eric Sadler/William Drayton). "Crystal Ship" (The Doors). "Success" (Iggy Pop/David Bowie/Ricky Gardner). "Ball of Confusion" (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong). "Thank You" (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant). "Drive By" (Duran Duran).

Medazzaland (1997)

Medazzaland (1997)

•Nick Rhodes •Simon Le Bon •Warren Cuccurullo

Singles: Out of My Mind, Electric Barbarella

3:51 Medazzaland
4:45 Big Bang Generation
5:19 Electric Barbarella
4:20 Out of my Mind
3:29 Who do you think you are?
2:28 Silva Halo
5:10 Be my Icon
4:20 Buried in the Sand
4:09 Michael (You've got a lot to answer for)
3:$2 Midnight Sun
4:39 So Long Suicide
3:06 Undergoing Treatment


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