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Adam Ant was born as Stuart Leslie Goddard on November 3, 1954 in Maryleborne, London, England. He came from a working class family background. Adam's grandfather was a full-blooded gypsy. His father was a chauffeur and his mother used to clean house for Paul McCartney. Adam was brought up in North London as an only child. They lived in just two little rooms without the luxuries of running tap water and private washroom facilities. According to Adam, "I mean there is poor and then there is really poor. There was no luxury, but there was always food on thetable. If we were ever desperate, then it was always concealed from me." His parents divorced when he was seven and he was an only child until 1974 when his father's new wife had a child. A sister was born.

In school, Adam studied History, French and Art. He had a real passion for painting and drawing. He later dropped the French from his study and concentrated more on his artistic talents. Adam attended Hornsey School of Art in London. His influences came from Peter Webb, (who taught courses in Erotic Art), and Allen Jones, who concentrated on sexual imagery artwork. This had a great impact on Adam.

Bazooka Joe, picture Bazooka Joe and The B-Sides
At a course at school, Adam met a fellow named Danny was also an illustrator and was in a band called Bazooka Joe, named after the comic strip character and the bubble gum. Adam later joined Bazooka Joe, as a bass player in the early 70's. Like members of Bazooka Joe, Adam started playing around with his own name, changing it from gig to gig. He was once called himself 'Eddie Riff' . He started writing songs and the band would add general craziness to their performances like faking cardiac arrests, and staging fights on stage with fake blood. Adam eventually lost interest with Bazooka Joe and in 1975, he formed his own band called 'The B-sides'. He decided that he would be the front man for the band and sing himself. He wrote music and the band rehearsed a lot. But the B-Sides never performed live. The songs that Adam wrote would later be the considered Antmusic.

The Name Change
After experimenting with various names, Stuart finally settled on Adam because he'd seen paintings of the Garden of Eden and thought it would be a nice place to be. He decided on The Ants as insect names like the Beatles did well.

Adam's wedding picture While at Art School, Adam fell in love with and married Carol Mills, a fellow student. Their wedding was held in the summer of 1975. They lived with Carol's parents. Adam was considered a good husband, went to school, did odd jobs around the house and seemed content. Carol changed her name to Eve. He was working on an essay for school on fetishism and bondage. But at home, Adam acted peculiar. He stopped eating. He led a double life - a young husband residing in the suburbs and an illustrator who was focusing on erotic images and playing music as the punk scene in London started to flourish. But music was most important to him and he stopped going to college. He didn't associate with his friends anymore and he became ill and developed Anorexia Nervosa. He took a large quantity of drugs, had an overdose and underwent psychiatric treatment. After his therapy, Adam told Eve that he wanted out of the marriage but still lived in the same house. He had a new look and when he visited some of his old school teachers, they hardly recognized him. He had changed and his main focus was now music.

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