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The Outsiders


 Trivia Test

1. What do S.E. Hinton's initials stand for?

2. What technique did Francis Coppola employ on the movie set to encourage conflict between the Soc actors and the Greaser actors?

3. What is the name of Francis Coppola's nephew who has a cameo role in the movie?

4. What is Ponyboy's middle name?

5. What is Cherry's real name?

6. What cameo role did S.E. Hinton play in the movie?

7. What actor from the movie also stars in two other movie adaptions of S.E. Hinton novels?

8. Who's real life high school letter jacket did the Soc who fights Darry wear?

9. Who did actor Rodney Harvey portray and what did he die of and when?

10. Which actor from the TV Series went on to become a teen 'Scream' in the teeny bopper horror flicks and is engaged to Courtney Cox?

11. Which actor from the TV Series went on to be nominated several times for actors for his movie 'Sling Blade'?

12. How old was Ralph Macchio during the filming of The Outsiders and how old was the character he portrayed?

13. How old was Tom Howell during the filming of The Outsiders and how old was the character he portrayed?

14. Where can you buy a copy of the soundtrack to The Outsiders?

15. What year was The Outsiders set in?

16. What city was The Outsiders set and filmed in?

17. In the novel Ponyboy remembers Soda's old pet horse, what was the horse's name?

18. Who is the author of the poem 'Stay Gold' that Ponyboy quotes for Johnny?

19. What actor is Ponyboy thinking of when he exits the movie theater in the opening chapter of the book?

20. What is the name of Soda's girlfriend in the book?

21. How did the Curtis' parents die?

22. What is the breakfast of choice at the Curtis home?

23. In the movie, who is Two-Bit's favorite cartoon character?

24. What is the name of the character in the TV Series who became like the character of Johnny in the movie and book?

25. What is Tim Shepard's kid brother's name?

26. What is Lief Garrett best known for?

27. In the movie, how many scenes do we see Buck Merril in?

28. What color is Dally's hair supposed to be in the book?

30. What gas station do Soda and Steve work at? What are their specialties?

31. About how old was Patrick Swayze when The Outsiders was filmed?

32. What other books is S.E. Hinton well known for?

33. Define 'tuff' and 'tough' according to Ponyboy

34. What kind of cars do Socs drive?

35. What are Ponyboy's birthday and sign?

36. What are Soda's birthday and sign?

37. What are Darry's birthday and sign?

38. What are Two-Bit's birthday and sign?

39. What are Steve's birthday and sign?

40. What are Tim's birthday and sign?

41. What are Cherry's birthday and sign?

42. What are Marcia's birthday and sign?

43. What are Scout's birthday and sign?

44. What are Randy's birthday and sign?

45. What novel does Ponyboy read to Johnny in the church hideout?




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