Remo's Reminders


Diane Chamberlain

Amazon's Synopsis:
Returning home twenty years after a tragic accident that caused the Pennysylvania Dutch townspeople of Reflection to condemn her, Rachel Huber cares for her ailing grandmother despite open hostility and finds allies in two childhood friends.

Death in a Mood Indigo
Francine Mathews

Amazon Mystery Editor's Review:
Even if you never get to visit Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts, a good deal of its sunny charm and foggy mystery are on tap in Francine Mathews's books about local police detective Meredith Folger. This time out, a dog digging on a beach uncovers a human skeleton--setting Folger off on a search for the link between old and new murders. As always, Mathews knows how to balance the cozy details of island life with the harsher realities of crime and punishment. Her last Nantucket saga, Death in Rough Water, is available in paperback.

Anne of Green Gables
L. M. Montgomery

Amazon's Review:
This classic story benefits most not from the full-page illustrations, but from the small, detailed decorations of flowers, birds, and insects placed generously throughout the book. A fine gift book, carefully and beautifully designed.

A classic story of a young orphan who finds a family when she is adopted by a brother and sister living in the small Canadian town of Avonlea. Anne is willful, imaginative, temperamental, and loquacious. She falls in love with the town, but she will need all her charms to adjust to her new life. This is a timeless story of an impetuous girl who grows into a sensitive young woman.





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