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A Common Life

A Common LifeNormally, Jan Karon's A Common Life: The Wedding Story is not something I would have chosen to read. It was sent to me from the publisher and I figured why not? I was very pleasantly rewarded for taking a chance on the book. Karon has written a series based in the town of Mitford; however, this book can be read without reading the others. The book is basically a love story, taking you from the realization of love, to the proposal, through the preparation, the wedding itself, and finally the honeymoon. Karon deals with the worries and concerns that engaged couples face along with the small town's reaction to the engagement of a beloved priest. I particularly enjoyed the thumbnail sketches of the town's residents and how they all wanted to be involved. Another interesting feature of the book is the merging of prayer and God into the storyline. The presence of God is never forgotten throughout the entire book and Karon gives a very beautiful picture of faith and devotion.

review by Carrie


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