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Long Time No See
by Susan Isaacs

Enjoyable return of amateur sleuth Judith Singer

Fifty-four years old St. Elizabeth College adjunct professor Judith Singer wonders why highly successful Courtney Logan vanished. The police and the Shorehaven Beacon believe the husband of the missing person killed her though no concrete evidence points towards him. Knowing how much she struggled with her perfect husband Bob until he died after running the New York Marathon two years ago, Judith is curious as to what happened to her neighbor.

Mobster Fancy Phil Lowenstein, father of the prime suspect, demands Judith find evidence clearing his son. Before she can start her investigation, former lover (pre Bob), Lieutenant Nelson Sharp of the Nassau County Police Department, tells Judith to stay out of the investigation. Still Judith is unable to resist looking into the disappearance of the perfect woman and supermom, perhaps because Courtney seems like a distaff Bob. Judith takes a different approach than that of the police thinking that the best starting point is from the overall character of the victim not the spouse.

After two decades Susan Isaacs provides her fans with the return of Judith, star of COMPROMISING POSITIONS, a novel I cannot remember whether I read or not, but plan to do so. LONG TIME NO SEE engages the reader due to Judith, a baby boomer struggling with growing old and a renewed interest in her former lover though like many novels in this sub-genre the reason to turn sleuth seems stretched. The story line is fun though the final confession meanders way too long. Still the audience will enjoy this tale and look forward to the Professor's next appearance.

Harriet Klausner

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