The House of Gentle Men

The House of Gentle Men"The House of Gentle Men" is a lyrical tale which transports you to a long lost time and place. The story is set in the south after World War II and deals with the repercussions of a crime against a young girl. There are many subplots and they are artfully woven into a cohesive whole. The story has the feeling of a myth or legend; however, the characters are fully realized and three dimensional. It is very easy to become totally immersed in the book and Kathy Hepinstall utilizes the language to involve all your senses. There are times where I could smell the flowers, hear the water, and see the drama. Beyond the sensory impact of the tale, love, forgiveness, redemption, and faith are intertwined and impact the imagination and the soul.

The characters and the plot cause you to ruminate on the exact nature of love and what it means to truly forgive and conversely to be redeemed. The novel is thought-provoking and fully explores issues such as guilt and faith. I loved that she was able to deal with such demanding subjects and keep the book interesting and very hopeful. "The House of Gentle Men" is very definitely a good read.






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