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The Fiery Cross
by Diana Gabaldon

Fiery CrossAbsolutely fantastic
review by Harriet Klausner

In 1770 the Colonial Governor of North Carolina Tryon drafts Jamie Fraser to head up a militia that is to help rout the rebellious Regulators. Jamie names his son-in-law Roger MacKenzie, who just married his daughter Briana, as an officer in his unit. Roger makes it clear that Jemmy is his son regardless of whether it his seed or that of Bree's rapist Stephen Bonnet. While Claire practices medicine, Jamie continues to search for information on Bonnet.

Bonnet and an associate accost Jamie's Aunt Jocasta and her new husband in their home in search of gold brought from Scotland during the last failed Stuart effort to regain the throne. The adventures of Jamie, Roger, Claire and Bree continue as they struggle with health problems and finding Bonnet.

The latest adventures of Diana Gabaldron's time traveling trio and Jamie are as exciting and insightful as any of its predecessors. Readers see inside the character's hearts and know they remain true to form. The audience also obtains a wondrous look at North Carolina prior to the Revolution. The story line is loaded with action through the deeds and motives of the four prime players. Fans of the series will be delighted with this novel and there are threads left dangling for another mega epic from the great author. Read more about it...

Harriet Klausner~ #1 Reviewer at Amazon

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The Outlandish Companion
by Diana Gabaldon
After a million and a half words, even the most fervent of fans may have a difficult time trying to recal all the details of the Outlander characters. The Outlandish Companion is here to help.

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