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There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
Suggestions for Putting
Spiritual Problem Solving Into Action

Be an instrument of peace:
· Recognize that the people who can push your buttons - your wife, children, boss - are your greatest teachers.
· Give yourself a specific period of time each day to be alone and undisturbed.
· Stop yourself when you are making your peace dependent on outer circumstances.
· Get back to nature.

Sow love instead of hate:
· Never take hatred personally.
· Don't allow the hateful incident to linger in your mind.
· Make time to join in the life of a child rebelling in anger.
· Whenever you encounter hate, remind yourself that the person directing that hate outward is feeling hated.

Sow pardon where there is injury:
· Approach any experience of injury with a mind-set of high hopes and possibilities for release from that injury.
· Immerse yourself in the literature of healing rather than that of evil.
· Take care of the sick but be indifferent to the illness.
· Let go - refuse to harbor thoughts of illness.

Replace doubt with faith:
· Practice developing a trust in the unknown.
· Develop a private prayer.
· Affirm your faith, not your doubt.
· Give God the credit.

Turn despair to hope:
· Turn despair over to God.
· Don't despair over a particular trend with your children. Visualize whatever situation may be working for them and treat them as if they have already achieved what you thought was in their best interest.
· Don't let yourself be the sounding board for the sorrowful tales of others.
· Be persistent in acting as if it is impossible to fail.

Bring light to darkness:
· Practice becoming an appreciator of beauty.
· Become familiar with the literature of inspiration about those who have overcome darkness in their lives.
· Keep your thoughts centered on what you want, rather than on what you don't want.

Send joy in the face of sadness:
· Acknowledge your sadness and then let it go.
· Remind yourself that joy is found in stillness.
· Know that all problems are a result of feeling separate from God.


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