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Dear Stranger, Dearest Friend
by Laney Katz Becker

Dear Stranger, Dearest FriendLara and Susan are very different women with one important thing in common -- breast cancer. Susan, a two-year survivor, has already been through treatment; for Lara, it is just beginning. When they "meet" over the Internet, a valuable friendship is born. Corresponding only through e-mails, they share the most intimate details about their husbands and children; their fear and joy; their daily ups and downs; and their deepest desires. Helping each other with laughter and tears, Lara and Susan build a bond that will ring true to anyone who has ever faced adversity with the support of a treasured friend.

Based on her own experience with breast cancer, Laney Katz Becker gives readers both a novel that celebrates the special bond of female friendship and an insider's look at dealing with breast cancer.

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