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S E A R C H . F O R . T O M O R R O W
Laurie and Scott
by chrissy n 6.29.00

Scott Phillips was a dear, sweet young man, who lived with his loving grandmother, Ida Weston, and his dear Aunt Ellie.

Scott's mother had died in a tragic car accident, and he did not know that respected attorney, Doug Martin, who became Scott's mentor was his dad.

Ida blamed Doug for the death of her beloved daughter--Scott's mother, and vowed Scott would never know Doug.

Scott met Laurie Leshinsky, who had a little boy, Eric and lived with her mother, Magda.

The Leshinsky's didn't have much money, and lived modestly.

Laurie and Scott began dating, and Eric adored Scott. Sometimes the two went hiking or went to see a movie without Laurie.

"Eric seems so much happier now that he has a man in his life," Laurie told Magda.

"Yes, I've noticed that. You're spending a great deal of time with Scott Phillips."

Laurie nodded.

"How do you feel about him?" Magda probed.

"I like him a lot. He's warm, and kind, and Eric likes him."

Laurie met Scott's family. "She seems like a nice girl," Ellie said, placing a cup of coffee in front of Ida. They were in the kitchen.

"Yes. But different," Ida said.

Ellie frowned, and sat at the table. "Different?" She sipped her coffee. "How?"

"So unlike other young women Scott has dated. The way she dresses; the makeup. Her hair is colored."

"Is that a bad thing?" Ellie asked.

"No. But she seems more mature than Scott."

"Well, she is a few years older."

"And there's the boy, Eric," Ida said.

"He seems to be a nice boy. Mannerly. A bit shy." Ellie said. "I guess that comes from being raised by two women, without a father. Considering that, Scott feels that he and Eric have soemthing in common."

Ida wondered if Laurie was searching for a father for Eric. Ellie detected that Ida was suggesting that Laurie was an opportunist.

Ellie took a deep breath. "Scott's a very intelligent, level-headed young man. If Laurie isn't right for him, he'd know it, and he'd wisely stop seeing her."

"Ellie, many a young man have been blinded to the wiles of an attractive women."

"Wiles? I don't think she is a woman with wiles," Ellie replied.

Ellie shared her concerns with Stu Bergman, who said that Ida would be threatened by any woman with whom Scott became involved. "She's being over-protective," Stu said. "She fears losing Scott."

Laurie told Magda that she liked Scott and that he felt likewise. "I think our relationship may develop into something serious." She paused. "But a relationship should be based on honesty...I'm considering telling Scott the truth... about Eric."

Magda became alarmed. "You can't do that."

"He has to know."

"He doesn't have to know. All he needs to know is what he's been told... about Eric."

"But it's a lie," Laurie said.

"Scott Phillips is a decent, hard-working young man... and he admires you," Magda challenged. "If he knew the truth about Eric, his opinion might change."

"I'm not too sure it would. Scott doesn't seem judgmental. And if I told him the entire story, he may be understanding."

"And what about his grandmother, and Aunt? Would they be so understanding?" Magda inquired. "Would they be accepting of a girl who did what you did."

"Oh, why don't you just say it," Laurie snapped. "Ever since, it happened, you've accused me of being a sinner."

"That's how some people would see it," Magda said.

"I didn't know that Ralph was married. He didn't tell me that he had a wife."

"That's what you've said. all these years."

"It's the truth. Why do you refuse to believe that?"

"If it is indeed the truth...the fact remains that you and Ralph were together, and you weren't married."

"And you've never forgiven me for that, have you? You've held it against me all these years...You'll hold it against me until the day I die." She paused. "You've made me feel dirty and ashamed...when there's no reason for me to feel that way."

She took a deep breath. "I love Scott, and I want a future with him, and I want a relationship that is based on honesty...I'm going to tell him the truth, that Eric's father isn't dead...that it's a story I told because I was ashamed of the truth."

Laurie had resolved to tell Scott that Eric was illegitimate, but Scott found out that Doug Martin was his father, that he'd been lied to. He turned on Ida.

Ellie went to the cheap hotel where Scott was residing, and tried to get him to come home. "I trusted you, Ellie," Scott said. "You were like a mother to me. I looked up to you, and you lied to me about my father. I don't want to live under the same roof with you."

"Why do people have to lie, and be deceptive?" Scott asked Laurie. "You're the only person I can trust." He pressed his head against her shoulder. Laurie closed her eyes and stroked Scott's hair. "Oh, Scott, she thought. I could never tell you about Eric."

Tears slid down her cheeks.






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