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T H E . D O C T O R S
Althea, Nick & the gang at Hope Memorial Hospital - PART 3
Posted by chrissy n 7.9.00

Cathy Ryker loved Nick Bellini, but he didn't return her affection because his heart belonged to his ex wife, Althea Davis, who was married to nutcase shrink, Dr. John Morrison.

John feared that Althea would leave him for Nick.

Cathy sought counseling from Morrison, who told her the way to win Nick was to become pregnant. It didn't work. Cathy lost the baby, and was carrying a dead fetus inside of her. Nick tried to convince her if she doesn't have an operation, she will become gravely ill.

Cathy's hair was lank, and she had dark circles under her eyes. She wore denims and a sweat shirt. There was a knock on the door. She opened it.

Carolee was appalled to see the state Cathy was in. "Cathy, can I come in?"

Cathy stepped aside and Carolee entered. "You know, you were scheduled to work today?" Carolee said.

"Was I?" Cathy's tone was far away, enervated.

"Yes. From seven until three."

"I guess I forgot," Cathy said. "I'm sorry."

"When you didn't show up, I called a few times, but there wasn't an answer. The phone just rang and rang."

"I went out this morning."

"I know you've had some problems that you're dealing with..."

"Nick doesn't love me," she said.

"Cathy, you're young and beautiful, you'll find someone else," Carolee said.

"I don't want anybody else. I want Nick."

Carolee's eyes caught the sight of an assembled crib, ready to be occupied by a baby. Inside were baby clothes and diapers. "Cathy, don't you think you should put that away? It will only remind you of your loss."

"What loss? What are you talking about?"

"The baby. Y--you lost your baby," Carolee said.

"No," Cathy said defensively. "My baby is fine... growing inside of me. He or she will look like a combination of me and Nick."

"Cathy, that isn't true."

"You don't know what you're talking about, Carolee. Nor does Dr. Thayer. My baby is fine..." She went to the crib. "I went shopping this morning. I bought this." She stroked the crib affectionately.

"You bought the crib this morning?" Carolee said, incredulously. "I assumed you bought it when you were really preg--"

"I also picked up some jammies and booties. I'm going to buy a rocking chair. Baby's loved to be rocked and sang to."

Carolee's voice barely exceeded a whisper. "Cathy, there isn't a baby."

"Stop it, Carolee," Cathy snapped. "I can't believe you're being so cruel. You've always been so kind to me."

"And I'm being kind now. You need to check into Hope Memorial."

"But why? It isn't my due date," Cathy said.

"You need to have an operation to remove the fetus. If you don't, you can become sick."

"Stop saying that," Cathy yelled. "Nick said that. So did Dr. Thayer."

"It's the truth. We care about you. We want to help you."

"Well, if you want to help me, then just go away with all your stupid talk about me needing an operation. I'm perfectly fine."

Carolee sighed deeply. "Cathy."

"Carolee, if you want to give me some advice on being a mother, okay. I'm all ears. But I'm not going to listen to this nonsense about me needing an operation."

Carolee studied the pathetic girl. "Cathy, if you need help. Call me. I'll be here for you."

She walked to the door, stopped, looked back. "You will be okay, won't you?"

"I'm fine," Cathy said. "I wish people would stop worrying about me."

Carolee reluctantly left, and a few minutes later, she was in the office of Nick Bellini. "I couldn't believe my eyes," she
exclaimed. She spoke of Cathy's physical appearance. "She bought a crib and baby things. She refuses to accept that the baby is gone."

Nick shook his head. "I'm sure you reminded her that she needed surgery."

Carolee shrugged. "Well, of course. But I didn't get anywhere. She insists she's pregnant. And Nick if she's not hospitalized, as you know, she'll become quite ill."

Nick punched his fist in his hand. "I feel like going over there and chloroforming her, and wheeling her into surgery."

"She's an adult. If she doesn't want medical treatment, that's her privilige. No one can make her have surgery."

Nick shook his head and blew out frustrated air.

Later Cathy was in her apartment, clutching her stomach. Her face was contorted with pain.

"What that girl is going through, I blame on John Morrison," Nick bellowed. He paced the floor of his office. He was talking to Steve Aldrich.

"John Morrison?" Steve asked.

"You know that Cathy and I saw each other a few times?"

Steve nodded.

"She was getting serious, and I wasn't...So I decided to end it. She wasn't happy about that."

"Being rejected rarely makes people smile," Steve commented.

"But she seemed to okay with it."

"Well, apparently that isn't true. Carolee said she went into counseling with John Morrison."

"And around that time, she started regressing."


"Trying to resume our relationship," Nick answered. "Inviting me to her apartment, and bringing me cookies. I had told her it was over between us, and she tried to revive it."

"And you think her sessions with John Morrison brought that on?"

"That's exactly what I think," Nick said. "I also think Morrison suggested to Cathy that she and I could have a future together."

Steve frowned. "Nick, that doesn't make sense...Cathy was trying to get over you. Move forward. I'm assuming she talked to Morrison about how to go about doing that...So why would Morrison encourage her to try and resume her relationship with you." Steve shrugged and shook his head. He was totally perplexed.

"Althea," Nick explained.

"What does she have to do with this?"

"She and John are married, and he's insecure about that...When Althea and I consulted on a few cases, he became upset and asked her to talk to Matt about assigning another doctor to work with her."

"You and Althea were married and John's a bit insecure about that. That's not an unusual thing."

"Because of his insecurities," Nick said. "I'd bet you a week's worth of coffee and Danish, John thought if I was involved with Cathy. Married to her. I wouldn't be a threat to his marriage to Althea."

Steve shook his head. "Nick that is so far-fetched, and if it is remotely true, which I seriously doubt--it would be unethical... Morrison could lose his license."

"I believe it's true," Nick insisted.

"Nick, it's lunacy, and where is it coming from?"

"As I said, Cathy seemed okay when I told her our relationship wasn't going anywhere. She sees Morrison, and tries to revive things between us. And the other day, she said and I quote--'Dr. Morrison was wrong.'"

"Wrong about what?"

"She didn't say anymore. I think she realized that Dr. Morrison was wrong about the two of us becoming a couple."

"Nick, that statement could have meant anything. You're jumping to all kinds of crazy conclusions because of a cryptic comment made by a troubled girl."

Later, Cathy, ready for work, wearing a starched white uniform, and a white nurse's cap arrived at Hope Memorial.

"Good morning," she said to a candy striper.

"Hi, Cathy."

Cathy fainted.






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