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A N O T H E R , W O R L D
Domestic Rumblings
by chrissy n 6.29.00

John Randolph, a respected Bay City attorney handled the legal work for Frame Enterprises. Steve fired John, rendering John virtually unemployed.

John was embarrassed and damn near destitute. He began drinking heavily, and moved into a cheap motel room, that served as his home and office. "John, I don't understand why you won't get a normal office," Rachel said.

"Rachel, I can't afford the rent. So until my financial picture improves, this will have to be my home as well as my workplace."

Steve regretted firing John, and went to the motel offering him his job back. John declined. "And I'll never again handle the work of one client," he said.

Steve could not understand what was going on. He went to Rachel's house to get answers.

She opened the door. "You," she said. "It's not your day to see Jamie, and if you're making a surprise visit, Jamie isn't here. Mom took him and Joey Perrini to the park."

"I'm not here to see Jamie. And I'm glad he isn't here to hear what I have to say. I want to talk to you," Steve said.

"We have nothing to discuss."

"We do. So are we going to do it out here, or can I come in?"

Rachel stepped aside, and motioned for Steve to enter. "What do you want?"

"What is your connection to John Randolph?"

"My connection?"


"There is no connection. I'm doing secretarial work for John."

"You have an ulterior motive for everything you do," Steve said.

"Oh, really."

"Yes. And let me tell you something...if you're entertaining thoughts of a future with John, you're deluding yourself...John loves Pat, and the twins, and when he gets his self-respect back, he's going to return to them."

"He wouldn't be fighting to regain his self-respect had you not taken it from him."

"John and I have resolved our differences about that. You were there in the hotel when I spoke to him."

"Yes, and I'll bet you hated imploring John to return to work for Frame Constructions. I'll bet you just hated being turned down."

"I wonder if you're encouraging John, to stay away from his family, his friends."

"John has a mind of his own. He realizes that you use people, and then discard them."

"As I said, if you have any thoughts about a life with John, you're going to end up disappointed."

Robert Delaney lost his wife, Jessica and child in an automobile accident. Robert married the beautiful, blond Lenore. Robert came home from work, placed his brief case on the sofa, and told Lenore she was enchanting. "Why don't we go out tonight--dinner and dancing."

"Robert, that sounds lovely. It really does."

"Then let's do it. Get dressed to the nines and we'll have a ball."

She took a deep breath. "We can't."

"Why not?"

"Mary called. She invited us to a little dinner party she's giving for Pat. Pat's a little down because of what's going on with John, and Mary thought a night out would cheer her up."

"And you accepted the invitation without bothering to consult me?"

"Consult you. You make it sound like a business deal."

"I think you should have asked me if I'd be interested in spending the evening with the Matthews before committing me to it."

"Robert, I don't understand why you're making such a big deal out of this," Lenore said.

"You don't understand?" His tone was incredulous.


"Lenore, you obligated me to something without bothering to ascertain if I wanted to do it."

"We're talking about the Matthews. I've been friends with Pat and Alice for years. My mother..."

He interrupted her. "I know. Helen and Mary are friends. So Pat's down and Lenore has to do something to elevate her spirits."

"That's what friends do."

"Even at the expense of your marriage?" Robert said.

"What? Robert, you're not making a bit of sense."

"You put other people...namely the Matthews, and your friendship and loyalty to them ahead of me.

"That isn't true."

"It most certainly is, and you want to know something, I'm getting fed up with it."

"What do you want? That I not have any friends? That I put you ahead of everybody else?"

"You're my wife. Would that be so unreasonable?" He eyed her for a long time. "Make myself excuses to the Matthews." He exited the house.

Lenore released a frustrated gasp.






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