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A S . T H E . W O R L D . T U R N S
During the Disco Era
by chrissy n 6.28.00

Susan Stewart's one great love was Dr. Dan Stewart. They were married, and had a daughter, Emily. Susan had a penchant for treachery and deceit.

Her dishonesty made Dan take an interest in the sweet, considerate of others, Kim.

After a tumultuous few years, Kim and Dan were finally wed, and all the good denizens of Oakdale were on hand to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Susan fell into a depression after losing Dan. She used alcohol to anesthetize her heartache.

She was a pathologist at Memorial Hospital, and her work began to suffer because of her drinking. Her friend, John Dixon spoke to her about how she had made every hour of her life, happy hour.

"I can't believe you--of all people--are being pious and holier-than-thou," Susan said. "Kim and Dan and probably half the people in Oakdale could tell horror stories about their dealings with you."

"I'm not being pious. Believe it or not, I care about you, and I hate what you're letting booze do to your life."

"Booze is not destroying my life," Susan said.

"The nurses, the doctors--everybody--the entire staff have made you the topic of conversation."

"How would you know what's going on at Memorial? You're no longer on staff there," Susan said.

"I've heard things. You know, I'm trying to get reinstated, so I talk to people. And everybody is discussing Dr. Susan Stewart's drinking; how she comes to work tipsy."

"I don't care what those busybodies say."

"Well, you should care about the opinions of Jim Strasfield, Chief of Staff. He's been complaining about your work—How you make mistakes in lab reports, and don't meet deadlines."

"Because of budget cuts, my department is understaffed."

"Strasfield doesn't care about that. The man's a work-a-holic and he expects his staff to be as driven. Besides, that's just an excuse. You're drinking too much...And Strasfield doesn't like you, and he's looking for a reason to get rid of you, so I'm telling you for your own good to watch the sauce, and keep an eye on Strasfield."

"Why do I get the impression, you aren't doing this out of the goodness of your heart? But you want an ally at Memorial."

Susan did not heed John's warning, and she was even arrested, and spent a night in jail for being drunk and disorderly. The hunky Kevin Thompson took an interest in Susan, and tried to help her straighten out her life.

Kim visited Susan. "What are you doing here?" Susan demanded when she saw Kim in the hallway of her apartment.

"Susan, I have to talk to you," Kim said.

"We have nothing to discuss."

"I need to talk to you about Emily."

Susan frowned. Her voice became anxious. "Emmy. What about her?"

"May I come in?"

Susan motioned for Kim to enter. Susan slammed the door. "Don't expect me to offer you a cup of coffee and a Danish. Now, you said you wanted to talk about Emmy. What's on your mind?"

"Your arrest...was in the newspaper."

"Not that I have to explain myself to you, but I was wrongfully arrested. I wasn't drunk or disorderly. Yes, I did become angry with the officer for making wild accusations about me. But he exaggerated the charge. And Grant Coleman is going to prove it. And I'm going to have that cop's badge."

Kim didn't look convinced.

"If you don't believe me, that's your option," Susan said.

Kim spoke with caution. "You're going through a difficult time, Susan...and I'm concerned about how it's affecting Emily."

"What do you mean?"

Kim took a deep breath. "I think it would be best if Emily came to stay with me and Dan."

"What?" Susan exploded. "You want custody of my daughter?"

"Susan, I don't want custody of Emily. Right now, you're having some problems, and children can be a handful. At this point in your life, a little girl may be more than you can handle."

Susan released frustrated air. "Man, you are a piece of work," she said, shaking her head. "First, you take Dan from me."

"Susan, that's not true. You and Dan were having problems long before I came into--"

"You took Dan from me," Susan insisted. "You're a homewrecker. Now everyone in Oakdale may think you wear a halo...but I know better... Dan and I were having problems and we could have resolved those problems if you hadn't interfered in our lives offering Dan a shoulder to cry on, and a sympathetic ear...Using Betsy to win Dan over" She paused. "So you have Dan...the two of you have made a life together...with Betsy, and Andrew...

"Now you want to add another child. So hey, why not take Susan's kid? What's next, Kim? Are you going to ask me to buy you a station wagon?"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Susan, I'm not trying to take Emily. I'm trying to help you."

"Well, I don't need your help," Susan yelled. She opened the door. "I'm fully capable of taking care of Emmy, and when I'm at work, Mrs Burger can watch her. Now get out of here, Kim."

Kim exited the dwelling. Susan slammed the door, and went to the kitchen, and grabbed an old fashioned glass, and filled it with with a liquor.

John Doxon was booted off staff of Memorial, and he desperately wanted to be reinstated. John was self-absorbed, and mainly out for himself. But the man was a dedicated doctor, and fiercely loved his son, Andrew.

John tried buttering up the supercilious Jane Spencer who was on the board of Memorial. Jane owned the Spencer
Hotel, a chain of successful lodging places. And she was going to build a hotel in Oakdale.

John asked Jane to have dinner with him, and she was amused by the invitation. She was affluent, and she saw John as an opportunist and an upstart.

"Mrs Spencer, as you know, I'm a cardiologist at Memorial."

"Yes, and I understand you were dismissed, and lost your priviliges there."

"Who told you that?" John inquired.

"Doesn't matter," she said, playing it cagey. "Suffice it to say, I'm on the hospital board, and I hear things."

"Mrs Spencer, I can assure you that much of what you've heard has been blown out of proportion."

"Dr. Dixon, it truly doesn't matter. I'm on the board, but I don't become involved in hospital matters."

"But you could. You're very influential with the board. You've donated a lot of money to the hospital. Jim Strasfield would listen to you."

She frowned. "Where is this headed?"

"I want you to speak to the board about reinstating me," John said.

She laughed mirthlessly. "Why in heaven's name would I do that?"

"I'm a good doctor, and I'd be an asset to Memorial."

"That may be true, but there are those who think having you on staff isn't in the best interest of the hospital."

"My dismissal has nothing to do with my qualifications as a doctor. Bob Hughes can't stand me. Dan Stewart hates my guts because I was once married to his wife, Kim."

"Dr. Dixon, I'm not interested in your private life," Jane said.

"I want you to help me get reinstated. You can do it. You have the clout."

"Your request in presumptuous. I don't know you, so why would I help you? And as I stated, I don't become involved in decision making regarding Memor--"

"You'll make an exception this instance," John said.

Jane looked alarmed. She thought John was clearly demented.

"If you don't help me get reinstated, I'll go to Beau, and tell him..."

"Beau. What does my son have to do with this?"

"He thinks you're his biological mother."

"I am his biological mother."

"No, you aren't. Beau was adopted. You and your husband we're having marital problems, and you thought a baby would bring you closer. You couldn't have a child, so you adopted Beau." He paused. "But you neglected to tell Beau he was adopted."

John admitted to delving into her past. "I figured a woman as prominent as you must have some skeletons in her closet."

He added, "Now, you've just recently patched things up with Beau. I know about how you disapproved of his relationship with Annie you interfered in their lives...They even broke up because of you." He paused. "But Beau forgave you, but I wonder if he'd be so forgiving if he learned you neglected to tell him he was adopted?"

To keep the truth from surfacing, Jane agreed to assist John.






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