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August 31-September 4

Salem, September 6,1998 Kate, who must be the new commander of the Salem PD, had Abe bring Roberto in for questioning. She waited around and when they left him alone in the interrogation room (Why do they always do that?) she sneaked in and convinced him that they had enough on him to make an arrest. This made Roberto so nervous that he sang like Pavarotti and sold Franco out in a matter of minutes. Armed with all this new ammunition, Kate set out to destroy the wedding of the year.

Stefano set up Ivan to get mugged at one of the train stops to get rid of him and Celeste. He is worried about Vivian's apparent waning health but he is still determined to recuperate his treasures. Rolf, disguised as Panama Jack in Salem Place, warned him again that what he is doing can have grave repercussions.

Carrie's tumultuous river of emotions finally overflowed and she admitted to Marlena that she doesn't know how she can put her feelings for Mike aside. Marlena warned her to stay away from conference rooms and maybe even the O.R. just to be safe.

Hope continued to reject the possibility that she might be Princess Gina even though she was recognized by most of the passengers. Later Mrs. Faversham convinced her to play baccarat and she had a very impressive winning streak, even though she didn't remember ever playing before.

John called Hope to warn her that Stefano, as well as members of the smuggling ring are on the train. She said she would rather take her chances with them than have to go back to Salem to listen to Billie ask her for the billionth time, "Have you heard from Bo?"

Swamp Girl found some industrial strength hair conditioner and fixed herself up to enjoy a romantic evening with Bo who is still blind but is becoming increasingly amazed at the similarities between her and Hope. So much for the soulmate theory. I wonder if Nancy Wesley would be able to convince him that she's Hope. She would have to wear Hope's perfume, of course.

Eric and Nicole talked and she opened up about her past. He later admitted to Roman that he is in love with her. Roman advised him to be careful and not rush into anything. This is funny coming from a man who only a few months ago swore that Marlena was the love of his life and now is making time with Billie.

Austin followed Franco to a motel and stood outside the door while he and Candy made love. At first Austin thought that maybe all that moaning and groaning was because they were watching episodes of Melrose Place but after a while he got the picture and decided he had to tell Sami about Franco's sweet tooth. She acted in the mature and rational way we all expected and swore to kill the bastard.

Lucas, who fell off the wagon so hard he must have broken it, went ahead with his plan to kidnap Will. Just as they were leaving the Kiriakis Mansion grounds Will asked for his teddy bear and Lucas went back for it.

Kate confronted Franco and demanded he call off the wedding. He lost control and grabbed a poker to hit her but before he could, a shot rang out and he fell to the floor.

Other tidbits:

  • There was quite a commotion in Europe as a result of a rumor that the last descendant of Czar Nicholas of Russia was still alive and traveling on the Empress Express. There was great disappointment when it was revealed that it was just Stefano with another one of his outrageous costumes.
  • Hope, who is tired of wondering if she's Gina or Hope decided to streak her hair and join the Spice Girls. She will be known as Lily Munster Spice.
  • Franco was able to get his revenge on Roman by making him and Eric dress up as the Smothers Brothers. Where did they get those tuxes? The Everly Brothers must have had a garage sale.
  • Celeste's green outfit was chosen by a designer in Paris to be included in his Peter Pan/ Ru Paul collection.
  • Will asked Lucas who was the mean person who killed Bullwinkle and mounted him on the wall in his bedroom. Talk about childhood traumas!
  • Alvin Ailey offered Kate a chance to dance with his interpretive dance troupe when he saw the outfit she was wearing the day of the wedding. She explained to him that while she may not be a dancer by profession, she did have her hips insured because she sashays them so much.

That's all for this week.


September 7-11

Salem, September 13,1998 Jonesy came to Vivian in a dream and warned her not to trust anyone. I have to say that he looks better dead than when he was alive.

Sami held a prayer service for Will. I was surprised the chapel didn't lock it's door when it saw her coming but I digress. It was a very moving scene as she offered to exchange her life for that of her son. God must have been hard pressed on that one but he did not send any lightning bolts so I guess that is a good sign.

Abe, always a genius at timing, walked in and announced that he had to arrest Sami for Franco's murder even if the polls keep showing that the American public believes that she is repentant and we should all just move on. By the gasps everyone began to utter you would think they were charging the Pope with murder. This is Sami people, grow up. Marlena was devastated and leaned on Eric for support. If Michelangelo were still alive, I'm sure he would have been moved to paint them as "The Madonna and Young Stud."

Later Mickey told Sami that she would have to spend the night in jail but don't feel too bad for her as Eric was allowed to spend the night with her and Marlena kept popping in too. Sami admitted to Eric that now she understands what went wrong with their parents marriage and she doesn't blame Marlena anymore. Mother and daughter reconciled.

Hope fell off the train. I don't think Lucille pushed her but I'm sure she shifted her weight quickly knowing full well the effects that would have on the trains hydraulic system. Stefano arrived just in time to save her and then they sparred about what she knows and what the consequences might be if she exposes him.

Billie put a rag on her head and made her way to the bayou to make sure that Bo doesn't see Georgia's grave. She met up with the Brainless Duo but they were separated when she fell into the catacombs. She wasted no time and as soon as she saw Bo she pulled all the stops to try to get him to love her and hate Hope. She also told him about Kate hiring Franco. Bo made it clear that it's over for them and that all that's important to him is to bring Greta to Salem so that she can fill in some of the blanks in Hope's past. Later, Billie realized that Greta might recognize her so she decided to get close to her.

Roman was on Kate's case the entire week as he is sure she is hiding something. He wants to be the first one to speak to Lucas when he awakens. Kate tried to shake his resolve by saying that now she sees where Sami gets her vindictive side and why Marlena turned to John. Ouch!

John and Marlena had a short scene together. If you sneezed, you probably missed it. She told him that he should go and be with Hope but John said he is not leaving until they make love again as it's been a whole day and he is beginning to feel weak and light-headed.

There were more problems for Austin this week. He and Kate squared off on Lucas and Sami. He also had problems keeping the peace with Carrie and he feared that he was losing her to Mike. Later he and Carrie were able to spend some time alone in a room in the hospital that Mike was able to get for them.

Other tidbits:

  • Greta was hired by the AAA Motor Club. She will be the model for their road maps as it looks like she has one on her face.
  • After seeing another flashback of Franco's dying scene Warner Brothers signed him on to an exclusive contract. He will be Bugs Bunny's new acting coach.
  • University Hospital fired Mike as their C.O.S. when they found out that he was renting out rooms for sexual encounters. They said they are not running The White House and he is not Betty Currey.
  • The change in Sami has been so dramatic since she's been in jail that Mickey is secretly meeting with the judge to make sure he throws the book at her.

That's all for this week.

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