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April 27-May 1

Salem, May 3,1998 Roman followed through on his decision to step back and let Marlena be with John. I must admit that I was very impressed by his unselfish act but by the end of the week he was again trying my patience with his unsolicited advice for Bo and his pity party at the Piano Bar. Billie joined him and while consoling each other, they got to talking about Paris again. How timely, as Shane later called Roman to offer him another assignment.

Bo realized that unless he has himself cloned, he cannot be there for both Billie and Hope so he reluctantly stepped back and let his Fancy Face go off to investigate her past by herself. He went to Billie and told her he will be there for her. Billie reacted with a line we have all wished someone would tell Bo in recent months, "Oh shut up!" I have to agree with Billie on this. I am so sick and tired of hearing him say he is going to be there for her and then he goes running off to Hope. She must have shaken him up because he stayed with her and even took her to the hospital for her amnio synthesis. We'll see how long he can keep up the dutiful husband routine.

Hope opened the package that Celeste sent her and it contained items of a personal nature. A hanky, a comb, lipstick and a compact with the letter "G" engraved on it. She hoped she would be able to remember her life as "Gina". She made a call to the surgeon who reconstructed her face and he told her that he has discovered something she needs to know about.

Sami asked Austin to Chez Vous to talk about her concern for Lucas who has been hitting the bottle lately. You really can't blame the guy for knocking down a few when you consider he is living under the same roof with Kate, Billie and Sami. Just the thought of that would send stronger men running to the liquor cabinet.

Carrie and Mike went to dinner at Chez Vous with two hospital board members. They were all very impressed by the way Mike handled an inebriated man who was grieving the loss of his wife and blamed the hospital for her death. Sami and Austin arrived just in time to see Mike and Carrie dancing. Later, Carrie could not stop thinking about Mike and she was unable to respond to Austin's attempt at lovemaking. He again mentioned his desire to start a family. Oh ye of little brain! If your wife seems to be pulling away from you, is that really the best time to start a family?

Craig Wesley decided he can play dirtier than he has been. His next plan seems to be to get people to believe that Mike is involved with Carrie. He must have been hired by the hospital as Mike called him in to assist him with an emergency, which gives him more time to lurk about. He wasted no time and tried to pump Nurse Ali for information on why she and Mike stopped dating. That guy is as pleasant as a festering boil on the behind.

Vivian pushed ahead with her plan to topple Kate. She needed money again and had Ivan sell one of the expensive items from the townhouse. Stefano saw one of his possessions in an antique shop and wondered what the heck was going on.

Kate was visited by Stefano who informed her of his intention to become involved in the decision making process at Titan. She received the news with as much equanimity as Monica Lewinsky when she was informed that there will be no immunity deal.

John and Marlena brought Belle home and embarked on their journey of re-acquaintance. He booked the movie theater in Salem Place and they pretended they were teenagers out on their first date. They did the "Tongue Twist" and they also danced a bit. It was good to see them at it again as I was afraid they had forgotten how to have fun together but my fears were put to rest when they made out while holding their gum. With those two, sexual tension is like riding a bike, you just have to get back on. Wait a minute isn't that what they say when you fall off a horse? It really doesn't matter because when John and Marlena get together it's like a rodeo and the Tour De France all rolled into one. Sparks fly!

Eric and Nicole went on their first date and she remained tight-lipped about her past. He offered to take her home but she declined. As he walked home he met a girl named Madison(Leann Rimes) who was stealing some muffins from the Java Café. He took her to his grandparents' house and asked Kim to talk to her. Madison told her that she was a foster child and that she was running away from her mother who was drug addict and wanted her back. Kim told her not to be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Things worked out for Madison when she called her pastor and he offered to take her in. Eric took her to the train station and before she left she fantasized about dancing with him to the song "Through Your Eyes." If you ask me, they should fire Nicole and keep Leann as she has a lot more chemistry with Eric.

Franco had a terrible week. First, he had to contend with Kate who was not too happy with his lack of progress to get Sami in check and she fired him. Then Hope refused his offer to help her with her quest. His sense of timing was definitely off as he dumped Sami just before getting a telegram informing him that he is to be deported. To cheer him up, I think I'll send him a little note to remind him that at least he still has his looks.

Other tidbits:

  • Bo wondered what was up with Roman and Billie. (Me, too.)
  • Roman told Billie about his sacrifice.
  • Roman told Sami about his sacrifice.
  • Roman told Bo about his sacrifice.
  • Roman is getting on my nerves.

That's all for this week.


May 4-8

Salem, May 10,1998 New Orleans was the city of choice for Salemites this week. Hope went there to delve into her past while John and Marlena went there to rediscover each other. We'll have to wait and see who else shows up.

Roman went to see Kate to demand that she buy Stefano out. Kate reminded him that he is not a share holder and therefore she does not owe him any explanations. He warned her that Stefano is probably up to no good. I think Roman better back off Kate. Where else are his scantily educated children going to work and have such glamorous jobs?

Franco pressed on with his plan to woo Sami so that he can stay in this country. Meanwhile Sami was very concerned about the photo shoot which started out as a bust. Fortunately for everyone involved Eric was able to get Nicole to relax and the last two rolls of film turned out to be good.

Hope went to see Dr. Harper and he explained that he did not finish her reconstructive surgery. He showed her a picture of herself when she was first brought to him and she was shocked at what she saw. Whoever finished the work on her had to be a genius as she went from looking like someone hit her face with a pizza to the beauty we know today. It must be the same plastic surgeon who works on Zsa Zsa Gabor. Incredible!

Billie continued to work on Bo's guilt. She lied and said she has been drinking occasionally. I'm surprised she didn't use some of Lucas' empty bottles for dramatic affect. Bo remained by her side although he seemed as happy about it as a death row inmate who has just been told his latest appeal was turned down.

Mike, in keeping with his plan to distance himself from Carrie, asked Nurse Ali on a date. Here we go again with the old motto: If you can't be with the one you love, then find some innocent sucker who's sweet on you to distract you. Carrie was confused by his behavior and when she saw him with Ali she was visibly shaken.
Sami tried to get Austin on her side and against Lucas who continues to have problems trying to get Will to bond with him. It seems to me that Will is a little too young to still go around calling Austin daddy as he has been living with Lucas now for many months but maybe that's just the skeptic in me. Will, by the way, became the one millionth person Austin tells about his plans to start a family. If I were Austin (well, I'd need a lobotomy first but let's pretend) I would be looking for a surrogate mother because Carrie has warmed up to that idea as much as Susan McDougal has warmed up to the idea of testifying in front of the Whitewater grand jury.

Vivian's dinner party was a success until Stefano showed up with Kate on his arm and he saw where Vivian is living. We all got to see a first; a speechless Stefano. The other guests seemed to be having a good time. Abe, Celeste, Lexie and Roman all wondered who Vivian's late husband might have been. They should have asked Stefano as everything was becoming painfully clear to him.

John and Marlena arrived in "The Big Easy" and got right to the matter at hand. I thought he said they were going to wait a while before they expressed their feelings for each other. I guess he thinks not doing it on the plane is long enough. He proposed to her and gave her back her engagement ring. He also gave her a charm bracelet with a tree on it as a symbol of their growing and undying love. They made love several times before John had to get a refill on his Viagra. You have to admit those two still have it after all this time. Later when they were still in the afterglow, John told Marlena that he still has many unfilled spaces in his past and that she should prepare for the challenges that lay ahead. She said that as long as they are together she welcomes any challenge. I'm so glad neither one of them said that nothing will ever separate them because we all know what that means.

Other tidbits:

  • Bart saw Jonesy's grave and reported the news back to Stefano.
  • Edmund prepared to send another photo to Stefano to keep him off Susan's trail.
  • Roman arranged to go on 60 Minutes to tell the world about his sacrifice.

Happy Mothers' Day!

That's all for this week.


May 11-15

Salem, May 17,1998 The girl with the badly burned arm turned out to be someone from Hope's past. She explained that Hope constantly spoke about returning home to Bayou Dugar, where the river meets the forked tree. This information sent Hope off to the bayou but it was clear that she wasn't welcomed there.

Bo decided to go New Orleans after Dr. Bader told him that the results of the amnio wouldn't be in for at least a couple of days. Billie and Kate gave him grief about it but he went anyway. Hope returned with a bruise on her forehead which she got when someone threw a rock at her in the swamp. Bo insisted on going back with her. It was evident how much they were enjoying being in each other's company. As they made their way through the swamp they were followed by Swamp Girl, Darryl and Darryl. Oh sorry, I meant to say Wayne and Earl.

Marlena promised to help John look into his past. They both agreed to try to fit it in between their lovemaking marathons. This could take some time folks.

Franco moved ahead with his plan to get Sami to marry him. He had a close call when Eric overheard him talking to a woman from his past but he was able to smooth things over. Eric later convinced Sami to assign Nicole to the Miami photo shoot so it looks like the schemer and the dreamer are headed to my neck of the woods.

Roman and Billie got close this week as Bo asked him to look after her while he was out of town. He was there when she received the results of the amnio and he shared her joy that the news was good. While he was at the Kiriakis Mansion, Roman got a call about a meeting with the ISA chief in New Orleans, of course.(These people are as subtle as an angioplasty). Billie insisted on going too, as that way she could help Roman with the briefing and she could tell Bo the news about the amnio results.

Carrie and Austin had dinner at Chez Vous and they ran into Mike and Ali. Carrie was bothered by the sight of Ali and Mike dancing. Austin was too busy trying to read the menu to notice it. You'd think that he'd have that thing memorized by now. How many times do they eat there a week?

Kate contacted a former "client" who used to own Vivian's townhouse. He told her that he sold it to Stefano. Man, she's good! If she worked for the CIA those nuclear bomb detonations in India would not have been a surprise. Later, when she met with Stefano to discuss Titan's financial status, he revealed his plans for her. He wants her to help him attain respectability. To me that's like asking President Clinton for pointers on how to stay out of scandals.

Bart, posing as a gas company employee, got Vivian and Ivan to evacuate the townhouse in order to clean out the basement. Stefano was afraid that they might discover his diabolical plans for the good people of Salem. Maybe he's planning to put all the writers in the freezer until they come up with a storyline in which he gets Marlena.

Other tidbits:

  • Roman was unable to speak one sentence without using damn or hell.
  • Franco and Roberto were approached by Columbia records to be the new Milli Vanilli.
  • Kate was asked by Leona Helmsley to run her hotels. It seems those two are twins who were separated at birth because the mother could not handle two babies who were so mean, mean, mean.
  • Hope wondered aloud for the millionth time why Stefano would give her a compact if she was so hideously disfigured. A passerby took the darn thing out of her hand and smashed it so she would shut up already.

That's all for this week.


May 18-22

Salem, May 24,1998 Sami continued to fall for Franco as hard as Suharto fell from power in Indonesia. He planned a romantic dinner for them on the terrace of the Penthouse Grill and he booked a suite at the Salem Inn so that they could consummate their relationship. They were finished by the time we came back from commercial and Sami was heard to utter, "Oh Franco, I never knew it could be like this, so…fast. Oh well, I guess that's "amore".

Kate got Stefano to admit that he owns Vivian's townhouse and he also told her how she came to inherit it from Jonesy. He did, however, stop short of telling her what his plans are for Vivian. Kate was thrilled nonetheless at knowing that Vivian's demise is near and she loved the way Stefano took care of Sami when he overheard the little witch being rude to her. Lucas, needless to say, was ecstatic that Stefano put Sami in her place but Kate worried about Lucas' fascination with Dimera's powers of intimidation. Later, Kate finally admitted to Lucas that she hired Franco to come between Bo and Hope and also to neutralize Sami. He didn't seem surprised as he knows quite well what "Mommie Dearest" is capable of.

Bo and Hope made their way through the swamp and their longing looks generated so much electricity that they would have been able to perform brain scans on Wayne and Earl but what would have been the point? They were stopped by a violent storm and were forced to spend the night in the bayou. They weren't able to find much and then the "Swamp Boys" made them leave. On the way back to New Orleans Hope told Bo to go back to Salem as she was staying to look for more clues. Bo, who finally had a flash of common sense,(must be as a result of that spicy Cajun food) reminded her that Shawn D's middle school graduation is coming soon and he needs his parents to be there for him. Hope relented and off they went, managing to miss Billie who had been staying at the same hotel and who was as determined to get her man as Inspector Javert in Les Miserables. It was this determination that drove her to the bayou. She was welcomed by Wayne and Earl who put the moves on her until their mama, Earlene came out and smacked them around. All this proved to be to much for Billie who went into labor and delivered a baby girl with Earlene's help.

John and Marlena ran into Roman and Billie in New Orleans. Marlena questioned Roman as to why he was there and when she realized it was ISA business she became concerned that he might accept another dangerous mission. He reminded her that she no longer has to worry about him. Works for me!

Austin and Carrie invited Eric to dinner and he in turn asked Nicole to join them. They played a boring game of Truth Or Dare in which all the questions conveniently hit a nerve and everyone answered the questions untruthfully. That whole episode was as entertaining as a seminar on pocket protectors. Later Eric insisted on walking Nicole home so she lied and took him to another building, not hers of course. That girl would do well in Washington as lying comes so naturally to her.

Carrie received a fax informing her of Mike's interview with the board members and she rushed off to help him prepare. They worked into the night and Carrie fell asleep on Mike's couch. Austin, who took breakfast to her, was intercepted by Craig who informed him of this. This guy is really beginning to bug me. He's everywhere you don't want him to be, just like a bad rash. Austin walked into Mike's office and found Carrie on the couch and Mike standing there, wearing nothing but a towel. Things got pretty heated but Austin calmed down and reiterated his trust in Carrie and he even gave Mike a pep talk. Later he ran into Darrell and went to the gym with him so that he could misquote Muhammad Ali and young boxers could make fun of him. This must be a new technique for training future champions.

Other tidbits:

  • Swamp Girl won a Cousin It lookalike contest.
  • The board members eliminated Mike from the list of candidates aspiring to be Chief of Staff when they overheard Alice tell him to put Tom's pen next to his heart and he slipped it into his RIGHT pocket.
  • The CIA hauled Roberto and Franco in for questioning as they were sure that their excessive eyebrow movements had to do with some sort of covert activity.
  • Bo told Hope again that he's sorry and she threw his butt of the plane.

Have a safe Memorial Day.

That's all for this week.


May 25-30

Salem, May 31,1998 Billie's name was added to the list of DAYS convenient miscarriages this week. I'm sure you were all as stunned as I was…not. I'm sure you were even more shocked when she didn't tell anyone about it. After burying her baby in the bayou, she returned to Salem with Roman. After getting into an argument with Hope at Salem Place she went off in her car. She was driving and cursing Hope when her car went off the road. How lucky for her (and predictable for us) that she was able to walk to a doctor's home. Will this be the umpteenth doctor to be bought off? Stay tuned folks.

Sami and Franco underestimated Lucas' hunger for revenge and his ingenuity. He locked the lovebirds in a maintenance closet where they had retreated for some "Afternoon Delight". They managed to escape through the air conditioning duct but Lucas was ready for them and he had the AC turned on. This made a claustrophobic Sami more hysterical which precipitated the comical ending to her little tryst. She dropped into the photo lab (literally) where Kate was showing some authors the efficiency and professionalism of Titan employees. Talk about great timing!

One of those two obnoxious young boxers smacked Austin upside the head and sent him to the mat with a thud. The blow to the head must have made him think he is now Robert Young as he kept following Lucas around and trying to catch him drinking so he could lecture him on the obligations of good parenting. He told Carrie about his little trip to the boxing gym but he conveniently left out that he got into the ring and boxed. The fibbing has begun.

Mike and Craig made the final cut of candidates for the chief of staff position. Craig continued his seemingly endless tirade of innuendoes about Mike and Carrie's relationship. Mike almost pounded him but Lexie interceded. When does this guy practice medicine? I guess he must fit it in when he is not stalking Mike or lurking in the hospital corridors. Yep, he's definitely administration material.

Mike and Carrie ran into each other at the park and talked more with their eyes than with their lips. These two are playing with fire and the flames are going to engulf them. Mike is still trying his best to stay away from her but it is apparent that she won't allow it. I get the feeling this is going to climax into something illicit. We'll we soon see a variation of the conference room table scene? Maybe on the operating table? Now that would be something on the cutting edge! Sorry, you all know by now that I can't resist a pun.

Nicole was shocked when she found out that the shoot has been moved to LA. At first she considered not going but Eric talked her into it. Maybe now we'll finally find out what is up with her. She's too cagey for my liking.

John and Marlena went to Maison Blanche to see if they could find any clues to John's or Hope's past. Amazingly there is still a lot of evidence there despite the fact that the house burned to the ground. In any case whatever they find they can put into Marlena's purse which keeps clutching to her chest. She must have Stefano repellent in there.

Vivian and Ivan went back to the townhouse. The flirty alarm expert returned and this time he was able to break the code. They went down to the basement and saw the freezer.

Other tidbits:

  • Vivian is trying to steal all the authors from Titan. Don't you all find that interesting considering the fact that she doesn't even have an office?
  • Billie found Hope's compact and thought it was a sign that her baby would live on somehow. That scene was shown in flashbacks so many times that my beagle began baying and ran out of the room. The last time we saw him, he was cowering under my bed.
  • Earlene, Wayne, Earl and Swamp Girl were singing Georgia when they were heard by a record producer who offered them a contract. Their group will be called The Throwing Stones.
  • Mercedes Benz contacted DAYS and told them to stop driving all their cars off the road. DAYS clarified that it's always the same car being driven off the road.
  • The front desk clerk in the New Orleans hotel where John and Marlena are staying was reportedly fired for looking too much like The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, as this was distracting the guests.

That's all for this week.


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