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November 23-27

Salem, November 29,1998 Nancy Wesley sought to be a juror on Sami's trial so that she could keep Carrie's family involved in a scandal. She should know by now that the Bradys don't need anyone's help to keep themselves entangled in turpitude, as it's what they do best.

Mike, after seeking advice from Alice decided to disregard Ali's excellent bedside manner and appoint to head nurse someone who actually has experience. He told Ali first and she took it rather well if you don't take into account her instant Glenn Close transformation. I was expecting her to say, "I will not be ignored", but she stopped short of that. Carrie, who was lurking about, as it has become a habit for her, tried to comfort her but Ali explained that she has never been the one with the brains in the family and she was hoping to impress her parents with her promotion. She finally calmed down and told Carrie that what's important is that she still has Mike. This made Carrie think that maybe there is more to Ali and Mike's relationship than he has let on so she went to talk to him. Needless to say Ali walked in on what looked like a delicate moment, although to get out of it all Carrie had to do is explain to Ali that Mike is a bit of a close talker, but that nothing inappropriate was going on.

Roman tracked down Roberto and tried his Bad Cop routine on him to see if he could link him to Kate but Roberto held his ground. Later, Roman asked Kate to dinner hoping to be able to get some information from her. Is he kidding? If he wasn't able to make feeble-minded Roberto talk, does he really think he stands a chance with Kate? She'll chew him up and sashay her way out of the room like she always does.

John and Celeste continued their snooping around the townhouse and found Jonesey's bank deposit book. John then called Abe and told him to run a check on Jonesey to see how he acquired all his wealth. I wasn't aware that you could use the police department's resources to investigate private cases but what the hell, it gives Abe something to do these days other than grow his beard in an intricate design.

Disaster struck for Vivian this week when she told Stefano she would not marry him unless he turned over his shares of Titan to her so that she could oust Kate. Stefano, of course, used the mood-altering device on her and she barged into a board meeting and provoked a small brawl. Later, she begged him to marry her immediately and he accepted.

Bo and Hope got closer and he asked her to go steady. No mention was made of the fact that he is still married to Billie but I figure he has a quickie divorce in mind. Maybe they can all go down to Santa Rosa again and Bo can agonize over the decision to either be with his old Fancy Face or stay with the new Psycho Billie. We'll have to wait and see.

Nicole had her tattoo removed to prove to Eric that she is through with Jay and her old way of life. She got encouragement from Sami and she even called her a friend. The idea of Nicole and Sami being friends is as comforting as the thought that Clinton might be removed from office and Al Gore will become president. I think we will all be hitting the Nytol pretty hard tonight.

Sami and Austin took Will home and they had a birthday party for him. The little tyke was upset because his daddy won't attend. It's amazing how Will now accepts Lucas as his father when he was still calling Austin daddy after the accident.

Other tidbits:

  • John asked Abe to put out an APB on Marlena who hasn't been seen in days.
  • Billie's absence from the show was explained as a medical leave. She's in rehab being deprogrammed so that she can stop blaming Hope for everything that goes wrong in the world.
  • Lucas decided to disassemble his crutches so that he can use them to make stilts to look tall enough for Nicole. Kate immediately hired the stilt makers who tour with the Ringling Brothers circus to help him.

Thatís all for this week.



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