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December 29-January 2

SALEM, January 4,1998 Well shut my mouth and call me astonished. What a week! Villains got their just desserts and story lines actually advanced after months of aimless wandering. John and Marlena will have to pay dearly for their actions but revenge, however fleeting, sure was sweet.

Kristen's world came crashing down when Marlena, Susan and John put together a plan to outsmart her. They beat her at her own game. Susan impersonated her in order to get little Elvis back. Later, Kristen and Marlena had the mother of all confrontations with a little physical altercation thrown in for good measure. I could not believe my ears when Kristen said that if Marlena was not exposed as an adulteress then there is no justice in Salem. First of all, Marlena is not an adulteress, as she and Roman are not married. Secondly, if there were any justice in Salem, Kristen's butt would be in jail. The judicial system in that town is so lax that if the Unibomber lived there, not only would he be walking around as a free man; they probably would have put him in charge of the fireworks display for New Year's Eve.

Stefano for once did not get his way and Susan was able to take her son away from his evil influence. That "mean ole vampire" was left to simmer in his own juices. He made some threats and then called Kristen to inform her that Marlena and John were having a "rrrromantic trrryst" in the Alamain jet. Kristen, who was on an emotional downward spiral, convinced Roman to go to the airport and propose to Marlena in the jet. He thought that was a great idea, although I don't see how he could as Marlena and John conceived Belle there. When he got there he saw Marlena and John kissing and he immediately pulled out a laptop to take notes. John and Marlena had been hot and heavy all night and dancing so close you could not fit dental floss between them.

At the Penthouse Grill things were pretty hot also. Carrie could not keep her eyes off Mike. He sensed this new awareness in her but did not know what to make of it. Austin, of course, was totally oblivious to the electrical discharges being thrown across the room.By the time this guy gets it, China will have free elections.

Billie worried and rightfully so as Bo and Hope gave each other looks that were hot enough to melt the ice sculptures. You would have to be deaf, blind or Austin not to see the sexual tension between those two. Later when Billie saw them together on the terrace, she fainted.

Franco gave Sami some advice on how to get Austin interested in her. I think she might need to get her hands on some mind-altering drugs to achieve this but I guess it's just the cynic in me.
Eric tried to get his own raffle started at the charity ball. To win you had to guess how many seconds it will take for Marlena to dump Roman when she finds out about his clean bill of health.
Elsewhere, Peter continued his relentless pursuit of Jen. Jack had a plan and Laura helped him to get it in motion. They needed to elude the Salem Police so they watched a few episodes of Inspector Gadget to get some pointers.

I have to agree with Kate when she said it's going to be one hell of a year in Salem.

January 5-9

SALEM, January 11,1998 Billie's fainting spell dulled the festivities at the Penthouse Grill and the celebration came to an end but not before the event went down in the books as the longest New Year's Eve party in the history of modern civilization. Hope wondered about Billie's impeccable timing. Bo, playing the dutiful husband, rushed to her side and took her home.

Franco proved that he has almost as much clout in Salem as Stefano. First he hired a guy to attack Sami so that he could come to her rescue. This all is part of a plan to get on Sami's good side. Later, he bribed a reporter from the Intruder to threaten exposing Billie's drug addiction. This gave her the opportunity to interrupt Bo and Hope who were again trying to talk and clear things up. Billie appeared to be in on Franco's little scheme. I guess neediness is the only tool that an intelligent, attractive and successful woman can use in order to hold on to her man. Wow, that Bo! Once you've had him you're hooked. It must be that spineless, wishy-washy personality he has acquired lately that makes him so irresistible.

Roman had a relapse after seeing John and Marlena together. Not quite sure if he was supposed to have a stroke or a heart attack, he just clutched his upper abdomen and hoped he was in the general vicinity. He was immediately rushed to his reserved ICU unit at Salem University Hospital. One orderly was heard to comment, "Man, he didn't even give us time to change the sheets." Mike was at a loss as to why Roman's blood pressure would rise every time John and Marlena would cuddle outside the ICU window. Beats the hell out of me too.

John's insecurities about Marlena's love made them argue. He wanted her to tell Roman the truth. She refused, as she feared this might kill him. They later made up and Marlena told him that just because she was thinking with a different body part than he was, it didn't mean she loved him any less.

Kristen slithered into Roman's room and convinced him not to confront John and Marlena. She told him that way he can win Marlena back and then she and John can reconcile. Yeah, right and I'm going to be visited by the Publisher's Clearing Van on Super Bowl Sunday.

Carrie continued to have thoughts of Mike. She also began to wonder what was going on between Franco and Sami. Austin said he didn't know what to make of it. I guess the strain of coordinating his tux with his socks, wore him out.

Susan made her way to a small town in England and met Violet, a local shop owner who was very nice to her and tried to explain some of the customs and foods to her. Later, Violet's son, Edmund came in. Looks like there is romance in store for Susan and I am very, very, very glad for her.

You wouldn't know it by his acting but Jack got the surprise of his life when he discovered Jen and Abby in the back of his car. They argued about her recklessness in bringing Abby along but Jen convinced him that she was safer with them as Peter might try to kidnap her to get to them.

Peter who was hot on their trail was exhibiting more symptoms of the Jungle Madness. Now in addition to the terrible migraines and superhuman strength, he has an annoying twitch and uncontrollable blinking. Now if he can develop a hump he can change his name to Igor and he can go to assist Dr. Rolf in the laboratory.

That's all for this week.

January 12-16

SALEM, January 18, 1998 Jack, Jen and Abby remained on the lam. The FBI almost caught them but thanks to some fast thinking by Jasper, they were able to elude them. If it had been up to Jack's ability to think under pressure, he'd be in the slammer right now as he was hiding right under the glaring lights of a popcorn stand. Even Mr. Magoo would have been able to spot him. In the meantime, Laura and Celeste teamed up to find Peter. They will engage the help of "The Friends Psychic Network".

Stefano's man arrived at the small town where Susan and little Elvis are hiding. Edmund assured him that they were not there. Poor Susan was so frantic about being found, that she didn't realize that they switched her baby right under her nose. (Look closely and you'll see that another baby is playing little Elvis.) Violet went to see Susan and when she told her what Edmund had done, Susan went to see him to apologize for thinking that he worked for Stefano. Edmund invited her to play a game of darts and she accepted. I'm sure the Shoppe mascot wishes she had refused as she almost made shishkabob out of him.

Peter's illness advanced and so did the unruliness of his hair. He had to be put in the secret room after he decked Kristen. I really don't see why Stefano would punish him for that. I would have given him a blunt object to use so that he wouldn't bruise his hand. Stefano felt helpless, as he could not help Peter until Dr. Rolf comes out of his coma. I didn't know Dr. Rolf was also a barber.

Roman was released from the hospital and when Marlena went to sign the release papers they told her not to bother. It seems they have decided to make his status that of a permanent patient in order to cut down on the paper work. What the heck, he's there all the time anyway. The family went back to the penthouse. Carrie went along even though Sami did her best to make her feel unwanted. Roman later spoke to Sami and told her that her problems stem her inability to let go of Austin. He advised her to move on with her life, as you can't make someone love you if they don't. He said his situation with Doc is different as he knows he can make her fall in love with him again. I think there is as much chance of that happening as there is of Hussein letting the UN inspectors see where all his anthrax bombs are hidden.

John feeling like a third wheel again went down to the pier to ponder why he still has no where to live. Stefano was there and they got into it about Marlena and how she has once again chosen Roman over him. After John left, Stefano mused how his plan is working perfectly. John and Roman will fight over Marlena until they are too weak to protect her. Then he will make his move and grab his "Queen of the Night". We must be coming up on the anniversary of Marlena's annual disappearance.

Hope and Billie had it out about Bo. I must say that I've seen more anger and heard snappier dialogue at the Ladies' Club on canasta night. Hope confronted Billie about her schemes to hold on to Bo. Billie, who's a recent graduate of the Kristen Dimera/Sami Brady School of Bitchiness gloated about her intimacy with Bo. Hope refused to believe her. Later Billie was taken to the hospital after suffering another fainting spell. Once there Mike, who was trying a new technique to awaken unconscious patients, yelled her name in her ear at the top of his lungs. After running some tests, it was revealed that Billie is pregnant. Hope rushed to the hospital after getting a call from Franco who was looking for Bo tell him about Billie. She got there just in time to hear Mike tell Billie about the pregnancy.

That's all for this week.

January 19-23

SALEM, January 24, 1998 Hope and Bo's reconciliation came to a screeching halt with the news of Billie's pregnancy. It was evident that they each had a different perspective on the situation. Bo thought that while this was another obstacle being thrown in their way it was one that they could overcome. Hope however, thought that the real obstacle was Bo's inability to keep his jeans zipped up.

Billie was at a loss as to what to do about her predicament. In fact she was so distraught that she had to resort to Austin for advice. He wasn't much help but at least he listened and he even pretended to understand big words like manipulation. In the end, all Austin could say was that Billie should tell Bo about the baby. That was pretty much the same advice Kate gave her except she thinks Billie should use the baby to hold on to Bo. That Kate is so wise that I'm amazed that more people don't go to her for guidance. I think she just might be the next Alice Horton; in The Twilight Zone of course.

This week we discovered that Celeste is not the only psychic in Salem. I was very impressed with Jack who had a dream in which Peter shot him. The amazing part is that Peter was wearing the same shirt in the dream that he was wearing in the secret room! I wonder if Jack reads tea leaves too. This might be the beginning of a new career for him.

Peter, who refuses to give up, was able to sneak into the Salem Spa disguised as Uncle Sam. He posed as a masseuse and gave Laura a rub down. He was hoping to plant a listening device on her but it was difficult since she was naked. Later, Laura baited him with false information as to Jack and Jen's whereabouts. Then in one of those incredible twists of fate you see only on soaps it turned out that Jack and Jen were indeed heading for Dayton, Ohio. I bet the writers even surprised themselves with that one.

Vivian had to step up her plan to marry Jonesy as Dr. Woo informed her that the old man doesn't have long to live. Later Stefano was finally revealed to be Jonesy's boss. I think that only if you have been in a coma for the last few months would that come as a surprise to you.

At Chez Vous, Austin, of all people threw Mike and Carrie together again when he asked Mike to stay with Carrie while he went to see Billie. They danced and it was apparent that the electricity is still there. Sami continued to torment Carrie about her feelings for Mike. She tried to deflect the attacks but it was clear that she was perturbed. Later when Ali, Mike's date arrived Carrie could not take her eyes off them. The only time she would not look was when Austin's head was in the way.

Franco and Sami proceeded with their plan to try to make Austin jealous. I think they are trying to get oil out of a brick but they push on, undaunted by the fact that in order to make someone jealous they have to interested first. In any case Franco kissed Sami and she almost fainted. It was evident that the kiss shook her and this fits in perfectly with his plans to keep her under control. Later at the Kiriakis Mansion, Austin tried to warn Sami about Franco by telling her that he is in love with Hope. Sami didn't even listen, as she was too busy planning her wedding to Austin.

John and Marlena ran into each other at the pier and even though she tried to reassure him, he feared that she might be slipping away from him. He tried to find a closet that he could take her to but there was none so they just kissed in plain view and thought, the hell with it. John was not seen in Salem for the rest of the week. It is rumored that he went to Washington D.C. to have it out with President Clinton as to who is the bigger stud.

Roman told Kim that he knows about John and Marlena. When she asked him if he plans to confront them he said that he wants to win Marlena back. Kim encouraged him to fight for her and wished him luck as he will definitely need it.

Love continued to bloom for Susan and Edmund. They enjoyed a romantic picnic and managed not to do any bodily harm to each other. However a passing bird was not as lucky as he was hit by a flying champagne cork. Edmund hoped the bird understood that it was an unfortunate mistake.

That's all for this week.

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