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January 26-30

SALEM, February 1,1998 Bo and Billie talked about their situation. He made it clear that while he will be there for her and the baby, he is still very much in love with Hope. Billie said that unlike Hope, who will never accept anything less than his whole heart, she is willing to take whatever he can give her. She thinks this baby will make Bo want to stay with her. I think that the probability of that happening is the same as that of Monica Lewinsky being offered another internship at the White House. Later, they got some disturbing news from Dr. Bader. The baby's health might have been affected by Billie's drug addiction.

Mike and Hope commiserated about not being able to be with the people they love. He thought she should give Bo another chance but she held her ground and said that she will never allow him to hurt her again. How many times have we heard that line?

Laura let Abe have it with both barrels as she called him and his department incompetent and said their work was shoddy at best. Abe tried to explain that he is doing the best he can with the men they sent him when Police Squad was canceled. Things got pretty heated and Hope told Abe to try to understand that Laura doesn't fully comprehend just how inept the Salem PD is and how Salemites have learned to live with it.

Susan and Edmund continued dating. It seems they have more in common than just being two of the clumsiest people on the face of the earth. They rode on his motor bike and had a wonderful time. I'm sure the chickens would have preferred that they use another method of transportation as they slammed into the coop and sent feathers flying everywhere.

Vivian, Ivan and Jonesy made their way to England. Vivian was more determined than the Mounties to get her man. They ran into Susan who was terrified that they were there to do Stefano's bidding. Viv assured her and Edmund that she had washed her hands of the Dimeras and she even asked Susan to be her maid of honor. We'll have to wait until next week to see if the wedding actually takes place, as it seems the groom may have cashed in his chips.

Eric was as determined as ever to reunite his parents. He became so delusional that he actually suggested to Roman that they should invite Marlena the next time they go jogging. Frankly, I don't remember the last time I saw her doing anything that might muss up her hair. Except maybe when she was in a moment of passion or beating the living snot out of Kristen.

Which brings us to that "little bitch" (Marlena's words, not mine). Kristen became suicidal after John overheard her talking to Roman and he realized that Roman has known about him and Marlena since New Year's Eve. She tried to get him to feel sorry for her and told him that she has lost everything and has nothing to live for so she might as well kill herself. John, who had just completed a course in sensitivity training, told her she didn't have the guts to go through with it.

Peter arrived in Dayton and ran into Laverne the contortionist. He had an attack while he was talking to her and I was afraid that he would twist her into a pretzel and throw her to the lions. Thank goodness she was spared. Jack, with a Crocodile Dundee accent, tried to get the police to nab Peter but as usual they were too late. He escaped and got back to Salem where Stefano had a new hiding place for him; the townhouse Jonesy had been living in. Later, Jack convinced Jasper to take the circus to Salem and assured him that they would have a successful run there. I don't see how that can happen, as the children in Salem are never allowed to be seen, much less venture out of their homes.

Marlena canceled her plans with John to go out with Roman and put an end to the lie she has been living for months. Eric tried to convince her not to go through with it but Marlena, who had obviously taken a heavy dose of truth serum, would not budge. Later at Chez Vous, Roman and Marlena came clean with each other and she also told him all about Kristen's lies. Not to worry though, for it was revealed in the latest Dimera poll that Kristen's popularity in Salem has not been affected by Marlena's allegations. She is in fact still holding her own, alongside migraines and root canal surgery.

John tried desperately to find Marlena to tell her about Roman. He ran into Eric who took a few swings at him and accused him of destroying his family. When John made him see that it was all Kristen's fault, Eric eased up and told him where his parents were. He arrived just as Roman was asking Marlena not to marry John and to give herself some time before she decides who she wants to be with. After seeing the way he took off his gloves and his jacket I was left wondering if John was there to confront Roman or to strip for Marlena.

That's all for this week.

February 2-6

SALEM February 8,1998 After the showdown at Chez Vous, Marlena whose behavior lately has been as erratic as "El Nino", went off alone to sort out her feelings. She was at odds as to why she was being so ambiguous. Let's review: she says she wants to but she can't; she might in the future but she can't commit to it right now. Maybe John and Roman can get Kenneth Star to subpoena her and then finally they'll get a straight answer out of her.

Roman told all three of his children not to worry about him, as he is fine. He said they should concentrate on their own lives and especially their futures. This made Eric think about what he wants to be when he finally grows up.

The circus arrived in town and all of Salem went to see it, even the children, who had been missing since Christmas. After seeing some of its performers, I can see why the circus is in the red. I've seen better acts by the Hare Krishnas at the airport.

Vivian and Jonesey finally wed. Susan and Edmund tried to toast the happy couple but instead they started a new tradition when they broke their champagne glasses before drinking from them.

Carrie began to suspect that she might be the woman Mike is in love with. She tried to ask him about it several times but they kept getting interrupted. When was the last time anyone was able to finish a conversation in Salem?

Franco, after overhearing Sami talking to Roman, plunged ahead with his plans to romance her in order to keep her under control. Lucas became jealous of their relationship. He tore into Sami and told her that Franco was only using her, as there is no way he could actually be interested in her. Later at the circus he discussed this with Austin but didn't get much of a response as Austin was trying to figure out how the popcorn machine worked and look at Limber Laverne at the same time.

Eric slammed Kristen for manipulating his father. Later Roman also gave her a piece of his mind and called her a loser. Kristen immediately began plans to start a new club in town. It will be called "The Friends of the Friendless Club". It is expected to start out with three lifetime honorary members; Peter, Stefano and herself. After realizing that those would be the ONLY members she became more determined than ever to track down Susan and the baby.

Jack's plan to capture Peter had disastrous consequences when Peter attacked Hope. Bo tried to help her but got whacked upside the head. Needless to say they both ended up in the ER. Later Bo, told an unconscious Hope that he knew he had screwed up but that he would find a way for them to be together. I guess he's waiting to see if they write Billie out of the show.

Laura planned her revenge against the DiMeras. She bought a gun illegally and used her real name in the transaction. Later she told the guy who sold her the gun that she would not let the DiMeras hurt her family anymore. Why doesn't she just take out an ad in the paper and inform everyone of her plans?

Peter, who finally nabbed Jen, decided to join the circus as "The Jungle Madness Maniac". His act consists of going around strangling anyone that he can get his hands on and leading the police to Jack whenever he gets in his way. So far his performance is quite a success as not only did he manage to strangle Jen and Hope but he also got Jack arrested and put back in jail. I wonder what he has planned for an encore.

That's all for this week.

February 9-13

Salem, February 15, 1998 Marlena retreated to an inn to try to sort out her feelings. John found her and they talked about what is going to happen with them. She reiterated that she wants to do what is best for everyone. Roman also showed up and he and John got into a heated debate about who has always been there for Doc. The only thing they all agreed on is that everything that has happened is Kristen's fault. They decided that a lynching should be held at Salem Place, followed by a dinner dance at the Penthouse Grill.

Kristen and Celeste got into an altercation, which had tragic results. Celeste was injected with live cultures of the deadly Jungle Madness disease. (How they manage to say "Jungle Madness" with a straight face is beyond me.) Her symptoms came on rather quickly and she began hallucinating. So far it seems that her string of the virus is twitchless and without profuse perspiration. Later, Kristen broke into Marlena's penthouse and saw a Fax that revealed Susan's whereabouts. She promptly kidnapped Sister Mary Moira and stuck her in a secret room that is supposed to be soundproof. Personally, I don't believe any room can restrain the decibel level of the Sister's voice.

All evidence pointed to Jen as being the woman whose body was found in the wreckage of Jasper's car and friends and relatives began to converge at Alice's house. Laura took it very hard and vowed once more to seek revenge against those pesky Dimeras. Jack was devastated by the news and the Emmys who created a new category in his honor did not overlook his dramatic performance. He will receive the "Tone It Down Award" and clips of his scenes will be stored in a special library so that future aspiring actors can compare his techniques with those of other great understated actors such as Homer Simpson and Yosemite Sam.

John went to see Hope in the hospital. He told her that Bo could be a good father to Billie's baby and still be with her. It's funny how he didn't think about that when he was in a similar situation. In fact he went to church and carried on about how it was better if he stayed in a loveless marriage because he and Marlena could never be happy knowing their happiness came at another person's expense. I don't fully understand why in this case an entirely different set of ethics applies. Must have something to do with February sweeps and making the viewers think that Bo and Hope will be together soon. Franco also went to see Hope, who told him he should find someone else to love. He turned his attention once again to a delighted Sami.

Billie, who was at the hospital for a sonogram, was urged by Sami to go and see Hope to tell her how the baby is bonding her to Bo. She took the advice but the conversation did not get very far as they were interrupted by news of Jen.

Carrie went to see Mike about the circus fundraiser. When she handed him an envelope their hands touched and they seemed unable to pull away. Sami and Billie, who have gotten very chummy lately, were close by and picked up on it.

Bo ran into Alice at the hospital and told her that he would never betray Hope's love. So I guess sleeping with Billie should be seen as a reaffirmation of his love for Hope. I wonder if Alice is as confused as I am.

In jolly England, Jonesy finally drew up his will and got hit by a truck afterwards. He is expected to make a full recovery. In the meantime, Susan and Edmund's relationship continued to blossom and he decided to pop the question. He went to London to look for the perfect ring. Meanwhile Susan, who kept having nightmares about Kristen finding her, received a call from a mysterious woman who said that they should meet for they have a lot in common. Later, her worst fears were confirmed when she got a call from that mean, mean Kristen.

That's all for this week.

February 16-20

Salem, February 22,1998 As Salemites prepared to pay their final respects to Jennifer, another one its citizens was getting ready to depart to a better world. Kristen, who has tried our patience almost as much as Saddam Hussein in the past few weeks, finally went too far. This week someone put an end to her reign of terror.

After mixing pills and alcohol like she was auditioning for a remake of Valley of The Dolls, Kristen met with a slave trader to have him kidnap Susan and sell her into white slavery. The man was reluctant after he saw a picture of Susan (can you blame him?) but Kristen assured him, that she would look exactly like her. Later when Susan arrived at Peter's house she faced off with Kristen and demanded that she release Sister Mary Moira. She of course refused but she did help Susan get into the Guinness Book of World Records in the Most Gullible category by drugging her yet again. She narrowly beat out the Hortons and the Bradys who actually thought Jen had returned as an angel. After an altercation with a letter opener, Susan took off to the airport to try escape back to England but Roman caught up to her.

Jen's service resembled a Las Vegas show more than a funeral; complete with fireworks and a levitation act. Peter, after hearing about Jen's death on the radio, decided to show up but not before making a stop at the neighborhood illegal gun shop and purchasing a machine gun to entertain the crowd. He shot off a few rounds and Jen flew in, literally, to appease him and get him to confess to all his nasty deeds. We later found out that it was Jasper and the circus troupe who helped Jen put the plan together. Peter was hauled off to jail and he had to be subdued by Roman and John after he tried to make a run for it. Stefano, who cursed his luck for having such dimwits for children, injected him with the serum. It is expected that he will make a full recovery in time for the jailbreak I'm sure Stefano is planning as I write. Marlena was called in to evaluate Peter, giving her the first opportunity in weeks to practice her profession.

After the service, everyone gathered at the Brady Pub and Carrie continued to comfort Mike. Austin seemed to be getting a clue as to what is going on there. I was beginning to think that the cure for the common cold would come first. He even tried to pry Carrie away but she just told him to go on home and she would stay. Lucas tried to abate his fears and told him not to let Sami's lies make him doubt Carrie. Austin's moment of mental clarity quickly passed and he went to talk to Billie who was talking to ShawnD about her encounter with "Angel Bo". She later asked Bo to take her home as she was feeling queasy. Who wouldn't with the dialogue she's had lately. She and Bo talked after they got back to the Kiriakis Mansion and she asked him if there was a chance for them now that Hope wants nothing to do with him but he quickly discarded that idea from her head. Kate overheard them talking and figured out that Billie had been on drugs in Rome. Bo tried to get some straight answers out of her about her lies regarding Hope and Franco but she tried to evade him. After Bo went back to the Pub to see Jen, Kate let it slip to Billie that she has been working to keep Bo and Hope apart.

Edmund returned to find Susan gone but he vowed that he would find a way to help her. Violet hoped his plan didn't involve anymore broken glassware and continued to look after little Elvis.

Jack returned home and found Jen there and very much alive. Jasper was supposed to inform him of their plan but it's hard to speak when you are in a coma. Laura, who was gone for a long time without an alibi, arrived with Marlena. She took one look at Jen and passed out.

Stefano took Celeste to his hideout so that he could inject her with the serum but she left before he could help her. He later helped the police to look for Kristen and Sister Mary. He found the Sister, who decked him, but no one thought to go outside and look in the pool where Kristen was floating face down.

That's all for this week.

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