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March 30-April 3

Salem, April 5,1998 Bo and Hope searched Stefano's lair. They did not find anything concrete but we did get to see a newspaper clipping with the word "Benkonenho" and a picture of a woman that looks like Hope. I couldn't help but notice that the cottage doesn't have an alarm and Bart didn't even notice that Bo and Hope were right under his nose. He doesn't have to worry about losing his job though, as he has been hired by the White House to be Chief Security Agent to the president. President Clinton was reported as saying, "This guy is exactly what I have been looking for!"

Carrie was forced to tell Austin about how she pretended to be Mike's girlfriend in California after Craig spilled the beans. He was upset and asked her just how close have they gotten. She told him she was doing a favor for a good friend who was being tormented by that jerk. Later Austin told Craig that it was all a ruse for his benefit. When Craig told him their performance was impeccable, Austin just smiled. Do you ever wonder what goes on in that head of his? I've seen more brain activity at a Grateful Dead concert.

Belle and Brady came out but if you are a frequent blinker you may have missed it. In any case they took one look at KSusan and realized something was off. Those two should work for the Salem PD. Speaking of which, one more item was found at the Blake House after supposedly being searched by those geniuses. John found a button from Laura's coat and tried to soften the blow to Abe by saying that his men probably didn't find it because of all the snow that was out there. Let's see, they also missed the bottle of Placidan and the letter opener. Stay tuned as next week Little Elvis finds Jimmy Hoffa's body and pieces of wreckage from the Titanic behind the hedges.

Stefano overheard Lexie talking to Abe and she revealed that they were reopening Kristen's case with Laura as the prime suspect. He mused about his "Things to Do" list. He has to take care of Laura, find Celeste and stop Hope. I guess capturing his Queen of the Night will have to take a backseat for now. Later he went to the cemetery to say his final farewell to Kristen. He got quite a jolt when she revealed herself to him. For a minute there I thought he might have another heart attack but I guess it takes more than people coming back from the dead to shake him up. Kristen convinced him to help her get out of town. She also told him where Celeste was and he went to the convent to try to inject her with the cure but she fled.

Marlena went to see Laura who was teetering on the edge all week and tore into her the minute she walked in the door. She used words like, betrayal, backstabbing and treachery to describe Marlena's idea of friendship. She also brought up her conduct with Roman and John saying that maybe she likes to have them both dangling. For a minute I thought she was going to borrow KSusan's line and say that she must be in Hussy Heaven but she stopped short of that. Marlena was visibly shaken and told Mike she would stand by Laura even if she is implicated in Kristen's death. It's a good thing that Laura had already gone upstairs, as she would have probably told her again to shut the hell up.

As Marlena and John braced themselves for the worst, Abe and Roman built their case against Laura. Gunpowder residue was found on her coat and her leather glove was fished out of the river. Roman called Marlena in to identify the glove. He had harsh words for John and accused him of taking advantage of the situation to be close to Doc. John explained that she instinctively reaches out to him. Roman told him not to be so smug as he will surely score a lot of points with Marlena when he lets her pull the switch at Laura's execution.

Sami and Franco conspired to put together a presentation behind Kate's back. They arranged for Eric to take pictures of Nicole in the Titan studio. Nicole revealed herself to be a good liar as she told Eric her shift was almost over, which it wasn't and told her boss she had chipped her tooth so she could go to the photo shoot. I think that girl is going to do well in Salem.

Susan tried to escape from the palace but was recaptured by Mr. Mean Man. I wish they would make up their minds about this storyline. It is supposed to take place in a harem in the Middle East but if you look at the sarongs and the bikini tops it makes you think they are somewhere in the South Pacific. Silly me for thinking that maybe they could crack an Atlas and figure out where the hell they are supposed to be.

Edmund plunged ahead with plans for his surprise for Ksusan as she found it harder and harder to be in the same country with him. When Stefano called to tell her the coast was clear she scrambled to tie up loose ends before her departure. She was stopped by the arrival of Violet and Little Elvis.

Other tidbits:
Celeste had visions of killing Kristen.
Edmund asked Marlena to be KSusan's Matron of Honor and John to escort her down the aisle and also to be his Best Man.
Alice made doughnuts.( I had to throw that in.)

That's all for this week.


April 6-10

Salem, April 12,1998 Lucas walked in on Nicole's photo shoot and wondered what Sami was up to now. He warned Eric not to get mixed up in her schemes. Later he showed up at Eric's apartment and offered to help him develop the pictures. Eric wondered if maybe he has a thing for Nicole but Lucas told him he sees lots of beautiful girls all the time. Eric should have pointed out that seeing them and actually going out with them are totally different things. We later saw Nicole in her tiny apartment and she seemed to have a secret. I think it's safe to assume that we all saw that coming.

The evidence against Laura continued to mount, as they were able to ascertain that she had purchased gloves just like the one fished out of the river. Abe obtained a warrant for her arrest and went with Roman to look for her in the hospital. In the meantime Laura was so enthralled in cursing Marlena for her plight that she drove her car off the road and was taken to the hospital. She was finally arrested there while Craig Wesley looked on.
Carrie tried to comfort Mike who was distraught over his mother's predicament.

Edmund and KSusan's nuptials got underway after John ran into the blushing bride at the airport. She gave him some song and dance about someone calling her and telling her to come to the airport. John thought that it might be one of Stefano's tricks. He wanted to get Stefano arrested again but he assured him that all he wanted to do was to send KSusan to England so that she could be with little Elvis. John finally relented and took a reluctant KSusan to the Penthouse Grill where she was greeted by Edmund who informed her of their wedding. The honeymoon and KSusan's escape from Edmund had to be postponed because Little Elvis had an ear infection and therefore could not travel by plane.

Celeste, whose outfit resembled what the working girls wear in the Red Light District, had visions that revealed that Susan and Kristen are the same person. She went to the Penthouse Grill to confront her but was intercepted by Stefano. He took her back to the Dimera Mansion and injected her with the serum. She was cured in a matter of minutes and then proceeded to tell Stefano everything she remembered about that night. She said she saw Laura fire at Kristen and miss all three times. She did, however, graze Celeste's forehead instead. Maybe Laura can join the Salem PD as a member of their elite SWAT team.

Marlena and John went to the police station to offer their help and support but Laura would have none of it. She was livid at Marlena for telling the police about the Placidin. When John tried to tell her that Marlena had a moral obligation to reveal that information, she reminded them that they are not the ones to talk about morals. Ouch! Later, Marlena continued her amateur sleuth routine and decided to have Abe exhume Kristen's body to see how long she had been taking Placidin.

Austin let it slip to Franco that he is feeling neglected. Carrie arrived later and explained all that had been going on at the hospital. He was still peeved about Carrie and Mike pretending to be a couple in California. I guess the information was just beginning to be deciphered in his head. I wonder if he already knows about the Berlin wall being torn down.

Susan's life was spared when she saved the leader's life. In return for her good deed now she will be his constant companion. This storyline continues to baffle me. First, Mr. Mean Man replaced Turban Man and now the Leader has replaced the Sultan. Was Susan resold when I wasn't looking? If any of you can explain this to me, please let me know.

It was revealed this week that the woman who contacted Susan in England is Penelope Kent and she is a fourth Banks sibling who was adopted by a wealthy family. Mama Banks sure was fertile! In any case she helped Susan put together a plan to outsmart that mean Kristen. I think it is very convenient that Penelope was a booze guzzler and a Placidin popper but that still doesn't explain how the Medical Examiner would identify her as Kristen.

Other tidbits:
Franco told Sami that Austin should be the one who shows Kate their presentation.
Laura finally confessed to firing at Kristen that night.
Edmund was at the Blake House that night.
I was also at the Blake House that night. (Why not? Everyone else was.)

I wish you all a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.

That's all for this week.


April 13-17

Salem, April 19,1998 Stefano and Celeste made their dramatic entrance into Laura's hearing and explained how she could not have possibly killed Kristen because Celeste saw her alive after Laura left. She told the judge that Laura grazed her with the bullet and probably killed a couple of stray dogs but she did not hit Kristen. The judge allowed the evidence, however he did charge Laura with attempted murder and promptly remanded her back to the mental institution. Marlena promised Laura she would stand by her and help her in anyway she could. Frankly, I think she has done quite enough.

Hope went to see Celeste to see if she would help her unravel her past but Celeste pleaded ignorance. She later took out a box with Gina's belongings and contemplated whether she should give them to Hope. Bo continued to insist that he wants to be there for her. This seems to be his favorite line lately. He wants to be there for Hope, Billie and the baby. I wonder how he plans to pull it off as Billie is so clingy that the makers of The Jaws of Life have offered her a contract to see if they can come up with a device that is strong enough to defeat her strangle hold on Bo.

Vivian ran into Kate and Billie at the store and they got into it about Vivian's newfound wealth. Billie listened and giggled at all of Kate's one-liners. They seemed in tune right down to the little head turn that they did when they exited. I hear that mother and daughter will be going to the summer Olympics to participate in a new event called Synchronized Bitchiness.

Carrie held an impromptu press conference and appointed herself as the Horton spokesperson. Craig who was eavesdropping, as usual, went to see Mike so he could turn the knife one more time. Carrie tried to dissuade Mike from dropping out of contention for the Chief of Staff position. Austin was still feeling neglected and told anyone who was willing to listen. Of course we had to listen too and I have to say it's getting a little tiresome.

Vivian convinced Sami, against Franco's better judgement, to let her help with the New Faces Campaign. She went to Titan and told Kate that she was starting a new company, then she conveniently left Nicole's pictures on her desk. Kate of course took the bait and decided to go to the Java Café to get the upper hand. Once there, she saw Vivian with Sami and realized she had been set up.

Stefano scored a lot of points with Lexie when he returned Celeste and helped clear Laura, all in a matter of minutes. What a guy! Later he went to the Blake House and found a picture that Susan gave Edmund and he realized he was the killer. He hoped that Kristen and Little Elvis would be able to get away from him.

The killer was revealed when Edmund confessed to KSusan that he killed Kristen/Penelope. She pretended to be shocked and disappointed and told him that she could not stay with him. Edmund was devastated and decided to return to Salem to pay for his crime of passion. In the meantime, Susan was able to escape and made her way to Bermuda to confront the evil Kristen. Poor Edmund was very confused when they both tried to convince him who was the real Susan. Finally, Kristen was exposed when Susan yanked off her fake teeth. When they all realized that it was Penelope in the "Killing Pool", Edmund was afraid that Susan would reject him but she informed him that Penelope was dying of an incurable illness and that she was aware that this might be her last curtain call. I guess since the poor girl was dying anyway, it's all right that Edmund did her in. I didn't know Salem had its own Angel of Death.

Other tidbits:
Susan has plans to make Kristen pay for her dastardly deeds.
Billie's baby kicked for the first time.
Laura is formulating a plan to avoid going back to the mental institution.
Nicole reluctantly agreed to go out with Eric.
The Blake House beat out Graceland in the amount of visitors it attracts.

That's all for this week.


April 20-24

Salem, April 26,1998 After seeing Sami with Vivian, Kate realized she had no choice but to approve the New Faces Campaign or else face the possibility of Sami telling Vivian what she is blackmailing her with. Sami took full advantage of the opportunity and even threw some conditions into the deal. Eric will be the head photographer and Nicole the star model. Later, Kate ran into Stefano and offered to buy the Titan shares he inherited from Kristen but he explained that nothing can be decided until the will is read and out of probate. Vivian also courted Stefano, hoping to be able to use him to crush Kate. Stefano loved the idea of being in the middle of those two. He must fancy himself as a snake charmer.

Susan and Edmund wed aboard John's jet and continued with their plan which included having Kristen shipped off to the Leader's island and have her remain there as his private dancer. When they returned to England, they took care of some loose ends to ensure that Stefano thinks that Kristen is safe and hiding with Little Elvis. I thought I would never say this but I'm glad to see them gone. They have turned Edmund into a remorseless twit and Susan into a heartless Mata Hari who didn't even grieve for the loss of her sister Penelope. I will, however, miss Sister Mary Moira even though she was kind of hard on my eyes and ears.

Hope caught Billie with a drink in her hand and accused her of drifting back to her addiction. Billie was furious and hurled her drink at her. Kate arrived and got into it. Hope, who has had it with Cruella DeVille and the Bad Seed, decided to quit her job at Titan before we have a double murder to contend with. Later when she arrived home, Bo was there having a food fight with ShawnD and she joined in. They laughed and played but then reality kicked in and Hope told Bo about her confrontation with Billie. After Bo left she noticed a package on the counter and was about to open it but Celeste arrived just in time to stop her. When was the last time someone in Salem opened a package the same day it arrived?

Craig's plan to use Laura's mental instability to hurt Mike's chances as Chief of Staff backfired as the board members rallied around him and praised him for his loyalty to his family. They invited him to dinner and when he vacillated, Carrie urged him to accept. We'll have to see how Austin will react to this. Will we be able to tell? Maybe he has been off studying how to achieve different facial expressions. We can only hope.

Laura sought Celeste to help her avoid being sent back to the mental institution. They went to the convent and asked Sister Mary Moira for asylum (pardon the pun) for Laura. She of course agreed as that convent gets more guests than the Hilton. John found her and was taking her back home when he learned about Belle.

Kristen departed Salem for good this week but not without leaving havoc behind. She left some candy laced with penicillin for Marlena but Belle ate the candy instead and went into anaphylactic shock. Roman who had gone to the penthouse found her and injected her with some Epipen he found in Marlena's medical bag. He rushed her to the hospital and Marlena arrived shortly after that. He told her he was there for her and she was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. After seeing John and Marlena cling to each other as a result of Belle's "accident" Roman realized that he needed to release Marlena's heart and let her be with the man she truly loves. They talked and he wished her all the happiness life has to offer her. Now we'll have to wait and see how long it takes before the bitterness sets in and the scheming begins.

Other tidbits:
Stefano suspected that Hope had been in his lair snooping around and vowed to stop her.
Billie advised Roman not to give up on Marlena. They mentioned Paris again.
Bo walked in on Billie who had a fake martini in her hand.
Eric and Nicole prepared for their date.
Susan told Edmund about Little Elvis' paternity.

That's all for this week.


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