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April 16-20

SALEM, APRIL 22, 2001 The teens pretty much took over the week. We were all enthralled by their vicissitudes… well not really but I might as well get them out of the way first, so here we go.

Shawn and Belle made up and tried to decipher what Mimi and Jan were up to but since those two are not the sharpest knives in the Ginsu set, they were unable to impede their plan. Chloe spent most of the week trying to bond with the other school pariahs. Kevin had second thoughts about going through with the plan after he got to know Chloe a little better but Jan's offer to kiss him again was too irresistible and he created an explosion in the lab which forced Chloe to go hit the showers with the camera rolling. Jason put in an appearance this week to bully Jan. It seems he has a temper and Jan lets him treat her badly. She must have low self-esteem compounding her OPD (obnoxious personality disorder).

Lexie went to see Sami to find out how far Brandon would go to help a friend. Although Sami did not go into details, she inferred that he would bend the law if necessary so Lexie decided to recruit him to switch Isaac's DNA if Glenn would go through with his threat to hire a lawyer. Her timing was impeccable as when she returned home she was served with a summons demanding a sample of her son's DNA.

Sami was on a roll this week as she went to see Lucas and attempted to torment him even though he is in a coma. Kate walked in and they engaged in their usual banter with one difference; this time Kate began bleeding profusely and collapsed. This did not faze Sami and she even seemed to enjoy the scene. Without missing a beat she went home and seduced Austin again even though he still had doubts that they were doing the right thing. How many times does he have to bed Sami before he is sure? He must be one of those guys that come back for numerous free samples at the grocery store. Sami was so distraught by his attitude after they made love that she found one of those scant outfits she now owns and called Brandon to ask him meet her at the Blue Note. That girl is as resilient as silicone.

Kate, who was pretty busy too, was informed after her collapse at the hospital that they would not be able to treat her because she had no insurance or visible means of support so they instructed her to go to the free clinic. She must have miraculously regained all the blood she lost because she was able to leave the hospital to go back to the mansion so that she could once again rummage through the rubble and try to salvage something of value she could pawn. While she was there, the new mistress of the manor Nicole arrived and an altercation ensued. Kate was able to retrieve half of a diamond bracelet and collapsed again. Nevertheless, she was able to make it back to the hospital where she ran into Nancy and they verbally rumbled for a while before she made it to Lucas' room. Greta was there reading to Lucas and Kate told her to try to keep Austin away from Scami, I mean Sami.

Jennifer met Hope at the Blue Note to tell her about her new living arrangement with Jack. Hope told her it would only lead to disaster but when does anybody in Salem ever listen to sane advice? They would rather listen to their heart and remain deaf to common sense. While the ladies discussed the pros and cons of living with a witty but obviously mentally unstable ex-husband, Jack was busy convincing Greta that only she could offer the decoration ideas for their new home that could make him, Abby and Jen live happily ever after. If knowing how to coordinate colors and fabrics were the answer to wedded bliss wouldn't there be a visible Mr. Martha Stewart? Jen and Hope saw Greta and Jack in a compromising position when she tried to wrestle an imaginary remote control from his hand. Don't ask and then I won't have to tell.

Other tidbits:

· Witches from around the world convened to select a new queen. They were able to narrow it down to three finalists: Kate, Sami and Nicole.

· The Red Cross went into emergency mode trying to locate all the blood they will need when Kate collapses again.

· Austin wanted to make sure he would not get Sami pregnant so he told her they must only make love standing up.

· A chanting class will be offered at Salem High so that the students can better torment the school outcasts.

That's all for this week.


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