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March 12-16

SALEM, MARCH 18, 2001 Sami amazed medical institutes worldwide when she proved, once again, that you can live without a heart. Not only did she rip Will from Lucas without letting him say goodbye but later in her apartment she woke him up so that she could use him in her plan to get Austin away from Greta in order to seduce him. Greta was on to her but she played Austin like a fiddle. The only good thing is that it looks like Greta is determined to fight fire with fire so we should be in for a pretty good fight. Austin seemed torn between the two women but Sami holds the cards as she has Will. Maybe Austin will finally realize that while Kate is a scheming, lying weasel when it comes to Sami she definitely has her number. Then again this is Austin we are talking about so we have a better chance of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio grow some facial hair.

Hattie and Rolf had a date at the Blue Note and while she is looking very pretty, her mannerisms still need a lot of polishing. She is beginning to suspect that Rolf has an ulterior motive for wanting her to take over Marlena's life. Maybe when the transformation is complete she can use Marlena's credit cards to buy Rolf a decent looking toupee.

While Abe planned a getaway with Lexie, Stefano was coaching her on how to handle the Marlo situation. When she arrived home, Celeste was there to baby-sit Isaac while they were away but Lexie threw a fit and they ended up taking him along. In the meantime, Glen and Barb are already at Green Mountain Lodge as she plans to make an excursion of Glen's quest for his son. Gee, I wonder if the Carvers are headed there too. This situation has as much suspense as trying to figure out how much soda is in a 12 oz can.

A rejected Brandon went to the Blue Note to try to drown his sorrows. He ran into Lexie and they discussed Abe and Brandon's inability to move on and forget the past. He was not swayed and plans to press on with his vendetta. He should have plenty of time now that Sami chose Austin over him although maybe he could channel some of that energy into his job. Oh silly me, this is Salem we're talking about. If you have a job you actually show up to, you are considered an oddball.

Abby urged Jennifer to let Jack back into their lives but Jennifer was skeptical of Jack's sincerity. Nevertheless he insisted that they meet and try to work out a deal, for Abby's sake.

Hope went to see Bo at the station and while she was there news came in that a man had identified Marlo as the woman in the police sketch. When he remembered that Marlo was the name of Isaac's mother he began to suspect that Stefano might have been involved in her death. Hope pleaded with him to withhold the information until Abe and Lexie get back to town.

Lucas' drinking came to an abrupt halt when he decided that if he wants his son back he is going to have to do it himself as Kate is too concerned about her own hide to help. I smell another kidnapping attempt but it may be the cynic in me. In the meantime, Nicole suggested to Victor that they sedate Kate and then he could "appear' to her. Isn't that what they did to Sami in Naples? At least in Victor's case they do not need a dummy, as he is stiffer than one.

Craig and Nancy arrived with Chloe at the hospital to have her examined for evidence of rape. It's her head they should examine as that girl's irresponsible behavior could ruin Phillip. The young Kiriakis saw her outside the hospital and when he approached her to find out what was going on, she began screaming and Craig and hospital security tried to apprehend him. Later, when she refused to let them examine her, Craig had her locked up. Brady came to her rescue and got her out. Considering her antics lately, maybe he should have rethought that. They parted ways because Brady couldn't keep up with her and she ran into Phillip again. They talked and she admitted letting everyone think that he had raped her. He took her back to her house so that they could straighten everything out but when Craig arrived, he lunged for Phillip and began to beat the snot out of him.

Brady overplayed his hand with Belle and she began to see him for the insensitive, maladjusted vermin he is. John also, after a long talk with Marlena, began to see how Brady has been manipulating everyone. He vowed that things would change effective immediately and if Brady could not accept some new rules then he would have to leave. The Blacks then went out on the town and went to dinner at Tuscany. He told Marlena that he wants to hire disabled people for his company, Basic Black. If he means mentally disabled then he is going to have to hire most of Salem, but I digress. Marlena lapped up all that John was saying but earlier at the penthouse Belle was not as enthusiastic about Brady cooperating. At Tuscany, Maggie was very hospitable but John did not even apologize for the ruckus he and his son created in her restaurant a few months back. Maggie and Marlena talked and it was evident that Maggie does not like John. She obviously does not appreciate how much business a loudmouth schnook could bring to her establishment. He could be the new Don Rickles.

Other tidbits:

· John enrolled Brady in an anger management program and then beat him up to make him go.

· Marlena's new Pollyanna attitude was traced to the massive amounts of Prozac she is taking.

· Nicole told Victor they should wrap the mansion in toilet paper and see if Kate figures out it was they who did it.

· Isaac said his first word; it was DNA.

That's all for this week.

March 5-9

SALEM, MARCH 11, 2001 Stefano and Lexie's Happy Hour at the Blue Note came to an abrupt halt when they saw Marlo's sketch being broadcasted on national television. Unfortunately for them the father of Marlo's baby, Glenn was also watching and decided to claim his son. His wife Barb was adamantly against the idea but he held his ground. It was refreshing to see a man on DAYS who cannot be swayed from his principles by sex or a pushy woman. We will see how long his resolve holds. Stefano told Lexie that as a result of this turn of events she might have to pack her family and move to Paris. She rushed home to try to intimidate Abe to put a halt to the investigation but he told her he could not compromise his position with the Salem PD and when she talked about moving he told her to forget about that too.

Jennifer is also contemplating leaving Salem, as she is afraid Jack might try to take the newly de-aged Abby away from her. Alice assured her that Jack would never try to hurt her intentionally but judging from Jack's irrational behavior when he ran into Greta at Salem Place it would be hard to discern if he's playing with a full deck. First, he tried to make it seen like he had been hurt in the massacre and then he went on to give her a fast forward version of his life story. I still do not understand why they brought him back if all they let him do is act like a buffoon. It must be part of a larger plan or just an incessant need to misuse good characters.

The Sami met with Lucas and Kate to discuss the tape and what she wanted in exchange for it. Brandon hung around, as usual. Mickey and Gene sparred for a while but when Sami played the tape it was evident that Kate and Lucas' goose was cooked. Sami pushed Kate's buttons until she admitted that she did say all those things on the tape and that she wished Sami had been executed; all this as a shocked Austin listened at the door. He immediately disowned his mother and sided with Sami. I don't know how he reached his decision, as it must very difficult to choose between a lying cobra and a scheming viper. Mickey offered Kate a deal in which the tape would be permanently put in a vault but the price would be steep for Lucas who would have to give up Will without any visitation rights. Kate took Lucas back to the mansion to convince him. Once there Kate and Lucas got into a heated argument which resulted in Lucas slapping Kate. They really want us to hate Lucas and this time I think they succeeded as you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would condone a son striking his mother, who in her own warped way has supported and abetted him even against her other son, Austin. Lucas finally signed and a triumphant Sami prepared to take her son. All this as Victor, encouraged by Nicole, looked on through a window.

Chloe and Phillip spent most of the week almost making love and then not going through with it and deciding to just hold each other. All was well until Chloe saw "Peeping Victor" standing there in front of them in the stables. At this time Chloe realized that Phillip had been lying about his father's death and she concluded that he must have been using her all along. She dressed hastily and stuffed her bra in the pocket of her jacket. This action would lend itself to a big misunderstanding later. She ran out but not before Victor warned her to keep her mouth shut about seeing him. Nancy and Craig later saw her by the side of the road and when they saw that she was in shock and saw the bra, Nancy came to the conclusion the Phillip had raped her daughter. When she asked Chloe, she said he had.

Marlena, who has become a prisoner in her bedroom to avoid Brady, told John that she is tired of his son's treatment. She went on to say that she would not do anything else to try to reconcile with him. John defended him but she called him an angry son of a bitch who has a plan to destroy her while John sits idly by. She even told him all the names Brady has called her and all the threats he has made but not even that would sway Super Dad. Marlena then stormed out of the penthouse, but not before telling "Bratty" that his thirst for revenge will destroy their family. When John came downstairs and asked about Marlena, Brady issued an ultimatum and told his father that he must choose between his wife and his son. Sounds like a no brainer to me; ship that kid off to boot camp and take your wife to Hawaii and this time don't even go down to the beach.

Other tidbits:

· DAYS writers thought about de-aging Will so that he could be Lucas's intellectual equal.

· The wrestlers from the World Wrestling Federation picketed outside NBC citing that they are taking away all their viewers with all the smacking that is being done on DAYS.

· Marlena's mother came from Colorado to wash her daughter's mouth out with soap.

· France closed all its airports fearing that citizens from Salem might return.

· Mickey and Gene Briscoe were disbarred for tampering with evidence.

That's all for this week.

February 26-March 2

SALEM, MARCH 4, 2001 The weary travelers began to trickle back to Salem. I know I have used that line before but if DAYS writers use the same storylines over and over, can't I be allowed this small indulgence? They were all able to find private jets so I guess the shortage is over.

Brandon and Sami kept focused on their plan to get Lucas and Kate to turn Will over to them. There was a small detour as Brandon dropped his towel after yet another one of his famous showers and Sami lost her composure. They almost made love but Mickey arrived and interrupted them. That Brandon may not be clean of mind but he sure is clean of body.

Austin returned and continued to be perplexed about what Sami is up to but then again Austin is perplexed as to how Tweety can keep his little wings going continuously around the dial and never gets tired. Sami again told him that Kate and Lucas framed her for Franco's murder and he said that if she could prove that to him then Kate would no longer be his mother.

Kate's plan to get Lucas out of country with Will was foiled by Sami who had them served with papers ordering Lucas to surrender Will's passport. This only pushed Lucas closer to the breaking point as he drank like Prohibition was going to be imposed again. Kate considered this a small setback but her most pressing problem was to neutralize Sami and Brandon. In fact, she mused that if she had to turn Will over in order to avoid prosecution she would. I think that the ostrich feathers in her outfit are creating a breeze that is blowing all sense and reason out of her brain.

Victor reemerged this week and you could have knocked me over with one of Kate's feathers. He was wearing a bulletproof vest and that is how he was able to escape getting killed. I'm sure he would have safe even if they had aimed at his head, as all that hairspray would have certainly made the bullet ricochet. He is now resting comfortably in Gene Driscoll's vacation home and making plans to destroy Kate.

Lexie admitted to Abe that the sketch of the woman in the lake reminded her of Marlo and she tried to get him to stop trying to find out who she was. Abe, who is under close scrutiny from the department, was unable to squelch the investigation and the sketch began to circulate. Lexie was livid and went to see daddy to ask for his help but not before she had let it slip to Hope that she is worried that the lady in the lake might be Marlo. Hope promised not to say anything to Bo and yet she almost spilled the beans as soon as he got home. Doesn't anyone in Salem subscribe to the theory that loose lips sink ships? Lexie doesn't even know the extent of her problems as her father has plans for her to leave Abe and marry John so that they can raise Isaac together.

Chloe arrived home and Nancy was very happy to see her but their usual conflict ensued when Nancy refused to reveal who is Chloe's father. Chloe said the usual hurtful things and assured Nancy that she will never love her. She must be preparing to lavish her weirdness on Phillip.

Phillip returned to the mansion and Kate tried to reconcile with him but he saw through her act. He then went to find Chloe and there was a storm brewing which must have affected them because they got all hot and bothered. Phillip told Chloe he did not want to wait any longer for them to be together and they went off.

Belle and Shawn stayed on track for most of the week as a jealous Mimi watched from afar. She is still hung up on the kiss Shawn gave her in Paris and interrogated him with a precision and tenacity that puts the prosecuting attorneys on Law and Order to shame.

Brady kept the pressure on Marlena and wasted no time in making her look bad. On the trip back home he played the martyr and John lapped it up. When John finally sought Marlena out it was to issue an ultimatum that if she doesn't accept his precious son then their marriage is in trouble. Gee, I thought their problems began when he fathered a son with Hope and then acted as all they had done was go to Burger King together. Marlena has to overlook that and must accept the fact that Brady is disrespectful and cruel. Why doesn't he just take her to Stefano so that Rolf can perform a lobotomy on her? At least that way the woman will feel no pain as she sees the man she loves become a stranger.

Other tidbits:

· The other tenants in Brandon's building started a petition to get him evicted from the building. They said they are tired of his exhibitionism and his voracious use of water.

· Hillary Clinton called Kate to congratulate her on her insatiable need for power and greed.

· Mimi was asked by congress to head up a special committee to investigate the significance of a kiss.

· Marlena appeared on Oprah to find her hidden spirit. Oprah told her to dump John and belt Brady again for good measure. You go girl!

· Roman remained in hiding as he waited for his bad haircut to grow out. It was reported that he had been confused with Beaker from the Muppets several times by Professor Honeydew.

That's all for this week.


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