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Jaycee's Week in Review

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May 14-18 2001

SALEM, MAY 20, 2001 Austin took Sami to the diner so that she could see Kate's plight. He expected some sympathy but instead Sami began cackling and tormenting Kate. Austin was shocked (he really is dense, isn't he?) and walked out with Roman hot on his heels. It seems Captain Brady thinks Sami has every right to be elated by Kate's misfortune and Austin should side with her and stop being a mama's boy. Roman was so furious in fact that he said that he is beginning to think that Ausdim, I mean Austin, is not man enough for either of his daughters as first he let Carrie go and now he is hesitant to make a commitment to Sami. Austin then told Sami that he thinks he understands why she behaved so abominably toward his mother. That is fascinating news coming from a man who does not understand how Glad sandwich bags work, but I digress. Kate's ongoing medical condition worsened after the incident with Sami.

Alice and Jen continued their week long chat at Hope's house about Jen's living arrangement with Jack while Jack entertained Greta, hoping Jen would arrive and fly into a jealous rage. More likely she would wish them both well and hope that they would moved to Timbuktu as Jack's buffoonish behavior is unnerving her more each day. That guy makes Beavis and Butthead seem normal. Later, Jen prepared to take JT with her.

The Teens:

Mimi, after bringing up the kiss in Paris for the umpteenth time, told Shawn he should do something about his crush on Belle. Brady was struck with the realization that if he does not work harder on his therapy he may not get any better.

Tensions at Tuscany:

Marlena and Hope had it out in the ladies' room when Hope announced that now she wants to tell Bo that John is JT's father. Marlena told her that she only wants to do it because she wants both John and Bo to be fathers to JT as he is a special needs child and requires special care and more nurturing. Hope would not be dissuaded and prepared to tell Bo the truth. Her timing was impeccable as in the dining room John had just reiterated to Bo that he is not JT's father and that Bo should just drop the whole thing. I'm not sure why John made a 180 degrees turn on this matter but maybe it has something to do with the fact that Bo told him he would beat the living snot out of him if he turned out to be the daddy. It's amazing how the fear of immense physical pain can cancel a man's paternal feelings.

The heat at the Kiriakis table increased when Nancy decided to approach Chloe in front of Victor. Chloe was as obnoxious as always and Victor told her that she should apologize to her mother. Nancy paid a heavy price for verbally sparring with her daughter as she had a heart attack in front of Tuscany. Roman who was out single handedly patrolling the entire city came to their rescue. When Maggie brought Chloe out to see Nancy the aspiring diva just stood there as if in a daze and did not even offer to accompany her mother to the hospital. I know she bears resentment against Nancy for not keeping her when she was born but someone should tell that girl that compassion is a virtue and obnoxiousness an annoyance.

The Bombs:

At Tuscany, Stefano revealed his plan to Lexie about blowing up the East Side Lab so that the DNA samples would be destroyed. He hinted that there would be other explosions so that no one would suspect him.

Bart and Rolf began detonating bombs around town. They also left a "gift" in Maggie's car, which she found and took into the restaurant. Needless to say the week ended with a bang for all of Tuscany's patrons.

Jen also found herself in a pickle when she inadvertently drove on to a bridge that had been blown up.

Other tidbits:

· Nancy was documented in the New England Journal Of Medicine as the only case in which a woman having a heart attack makes noises like a chipmunk.

· Marlena and Hope decided to take it out to the woodshed but then they realized that someone's hair might get mussed so they settled for giving each other more dirty looks.

· John prepared to buy a blonde wig and get the hell out of town before Bo puts two and two together.

· Jen signed Jack to go on new NBC show The Weirdest Link.

· Austin decided to give Roman a piece of his mind and oh never mind, all you know where that gag is going.

That's all for this week.


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