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Jaycee's Week in Review

Jaycee began posting her award winning "Week in Review" right here in the Coffeerooms™ on October 12, 1997.

It began as a whim. You might call it a public service, to save the sanity of her fellow fans who couldn’t bear to watch during a particularly inane phase of "Days". Jaycee’s wry and sometimes deliciously twisted reviews can always be counted on to make us laugh while keeping us up-to-date with the doings in Salem.

Jaycee deserves a medal for loyalty, as she has been watching "Days" for almost 20 years. This steadfast viewing has given her a firm grasp of Salem’s history. If only we could say the same for the current writers.

Happily, "Days" is only a small part of Jaycee’s life. She is a teaching assistant, living in Florida… married, with children (two daughters)…which might help explain her wonderful sense of humor.
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