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April 24-28

Salem, April 30, 2000 Rolf, who stole some of Hope's amnio fluid but then dropped it as he was leaving the hospital, decided to take matters into his own hands and mugged Lexie who was on her way to the lab with the remaining sample. The
usual scuffle ensued and Lexie beat the snot out of Dr. Evil until he got a lucky punch in and knocked her down long enough to take her purse and flee the scene of the crime. A distraught Lexie went straight to Daddy Dearest and told him what had happened. Stefano played the comforting father to the hilt and then went to his lab so that he could inflict cruel and unusual punishment on Rolf. He got so into it that they pushed the vial containing Hope's amnio fluid to the floor where it shattered into smithereens. The only thing that saved Rolf from certain deaf was his announcement that he had overheard Dr. Bader telling a nurse the sex of Hope's baby. It's a boy and Stef was overjoyed at the thought of having a son that could continue his reign of terror. Yes, Salem's most hated fiend has yet another diabolical plan, which includes a baby for Lexie. Hope's baby is also involved. Obviously, Stefano learned nothing from the Susan/Kristen fiasco and I smell another baby switching scheme.

Sami and Nicole met for drinks at Tuscany to discuss strategy. Lucas arrived and decided to listen in on their conversation. He hid behind the bar and when a flustered Sami saw his reflection in the mirror behind the bar she threw her drink in Nicole's face before she could say something incriminating.

Dr. Miller had another hissy fit and had to be taken to Salem University hospital where he tried to use his unpleasant personality to intimidate everyone. Mean Nurse Brenda was not impressed and put the old man in his place. He stayed overnight and then announced that he was leaving town and taking Chloe with him. Nancy told him that she would not allow that and she further announced that she is going to tell Craig that Chloe is her daughter. With the speed in which things are found out in Salem I would guess that Craig will finally be informed when Jesse Ventura becomes president.

Bo decided that it's time for his family to live in a house. Hope agreed and she found a beautiful house on a canal. While Bo also liked the house he told her that he couldn't afford it even with his raise and all the overtime he could put in. Gee, a raise? That must be how they reward employees of the Salem PD who never show up for work. Can anyone remember when was the last time Bo worked? I think Bush was in office. But that's another matter. Caroline came to the rescue and offered to give Bo the money he needed to buy the house.

Nicole continued to play Eric for a fool and he lapped it up like a lovesick puppy. In the meantime, Greta and Austin kept getting closer as she helped him move into his old apartment. This foursome is as exciting to watch as a Ben Stein special.

Chloe opened up to Belle who convinced her to stay in Salem. Phillip worried that someone would discover that he was the guy with Chloe down by the docks. Mimi didn't want anyone to know about her family's precarious financial situation. Shawn and Phillip vied for the title of King of the Last Blast. I know it's too much to ask for but I was hoping this contest involved a rocket that would propel Archie, Veronica and all their little cohorts right out of Salem.

Victor reminded the freeloaders living in his house that their 30 days were up and it was time to move out. Lucas announced to Nicole that he had asked Victor to stay at the mansion until their house is built. She of course hit the roof and Sami was so incensed by news that she told Lucas that she might kill him like he killed Franco and then plea insanity. That wouldn't be much of a stretch, as Sami has not been playing with a full deck for years.

Other tidbits:

Nurse Brenda and Dr. Miller were recruited by the INS.

It was revealed that there is enough food left over during meals in the Kiriakis Mansion to feed a third world country.

Nicole was made president of the Sluts in Business Club.

Eric was honored by the Men Who Love Sluts in Business Club.

That's all for this week.

April 10-14

Salem, April 16, 2000 Shawn turned sixteen and they had a surprise birthday party for him at the pub. Hope and Bo opened a chest they
had kept with mementos they had collected for him through the years. They all coaxed Chloe into singing and when
she finished she ran out of the pub. Phillip followed her and for once didn't act like a jackass. It was short-lived
though, as he later asked her to keep their little heart to heart a secret. I guess he wants to keep his rep as a rich,
dumb, empty-headed momma's boy intact.

Dr. Miller asked Nancy to let him take Chloe to live with him. She refused, insisting that she would not give up her
daughter again. They talked about who was Chloe's father. When it was mentioned that it was an older man who
seduced Nancy, I thought that it might be Stefano. That man is like Santa Claus except he spreads more than good
cheer wherever he goes.

Nicholas, making up for lost time, ambushed Kate outside of .Com, kissed her in public and then they made out in
his car. They decided to go to the Blue Note unaware that Victor was there with Rex Rollins to discuss how things
were going with Nicole and the plan to strip her of her millions. When Victor saw the horny duo he felt guilty that he
was depriving Kate of certain needs and wondered if maybe he should set her free. What is she, a bird?

Sami realized that if she is going to play dirty in order to get Will back she is going to need the help of someone as
underhanded and sneaky as she is. So she decided to take Brandon up on his offer to help her. He'll have to fit her
in between trying to con Larry into suing Abe and trying to get Lexie to end her marriage. When does this guy get to
do any counseling? He is as busy as a Viagra salesman in the Poconos.

Bo and Hope got engaged and went to the Blue Note to celebrate. The usual banter ensued as she tried to get him
to talk about Gina and he sidetracked the subject. Another upcoming marriage based on lies and deceit. Doesn't he
know that lies have a way of getting out and hurting the people they are meant to protect? I only know this because
they say it at least three times a week on DAYS but then everyone goes ahead and lies and schemes anyway. Go

John, tormented by memories of his antics on the Shagmarine, went to see Stefano who not only confirmed his
worst fears, but he also convinced him that only he could be the father of Hope's baby. Dimera offered to help him
but insisted that he tell him everything he remembers. It's astounding how John's fear and guilt about the past don't
stifle his libido one bit as he and Marlena found time to do the nasty in the living room without the slightest concern
that Belle might come home and catch them. Oh well, they could always tell her that they were just playing leapfrog.

Eric and Greta tried to have a romantic dinner at her apartment but when she ruined the meal they decided to go to
Tuscany. Nicole was there having dinner with Lucas and wasted no time in engaging him in an argument about
Sami and Will. All for Eric's benefit, of course. I wonder if Nicole had the Chocolate Loose Cake for dessert.

Abe and Lexie had dinner for the umpteenth time at Lady Vi's and discussed having babies. The subject of adoption
came up. Why don't they ask Stefano to give him one of those many babies he has lying around?

Other tidbits:

Bo struggled to find another facial expression to use everytime Hope asks him if he's happy about the baby.

Marlena's neighbors signed a petition asking her and John to refrain from making love in the elevator.

Kate and Nicholas hired a band and made out at the top of the World Trade Center.

McDonald's contacted Nicole to offer to place an arch over her bed.

Nicole and Brandon competed for the Regis Philbin Award, as they are both "out of control".

That's all for this week.


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