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January 31-February 4
Salem, February 6, 2000 Nicholas was able to sneak into the Kiriakis Mansion and he and Kate had a few intense moments in her bedroom before Victor called to tell wifey dearest that he would be home soon. Meanwhile downstairs, as soon as Austin announced that he was moving out of the guesthouse, Lucas prepared to throw Sami out on her conniving butt. Kate later convinced him that it would be better to let Sami fall back into her old ways and then Austin will see her for who she really is and dump her. I think we have a better chance of seeing Madonna become celibate first but I digress.

Bo went to see Marlena and demanded that she tell him everything Gina said while under hypnosis. At first she refused, citing her patient/doctor confidentiality duty but then she miraculously remembered that she was also obligated to tell all she knew if her patient was a danger to herself or others. So Marlena revealed that she was now sure that Gina was faking all along and that she was not under hypnosis at all but instead had an agenda that included making Marlena doubt John's love and loyalty. It was at this point that John suggested that maybe it was Gina who he rescued at Maison Blanche and that they had all been fooled all along. My question is this: How could it be Gina's fingerprint on the letter they found in the famous music box that bounced around for months before they were able to retrieve it and prove once and for all that Hope was Hope. Don't these writers bother to research past storylines to try to maintain some semblance of credibility?

Victor continued his hunt for Stefano and even found a possible Brady/Dimera connection that might help to shed light on Stefano's vendetta against the Bradys. I'm not young enough to hope to be around when this is revealed so could you all try to get a message to one of my descendants? Thank you.

Nancy opened up to Marlena and asked to be her friend. Marlena was suspicious of Nancy's story of how Chloe came to live with her but she promised not to push the matter until Nancy's ready.

Brandon found a young man named Larry Morris who was paralyzed by Abe. It was a result of an accident when Abe was trying to apprehend the boy's drunken father who then attacked him and the gun went off. Brandon wants Larry to sue the Salem P.D. Don't those kinds of cases have statures of limitations? Oh wait, I forgot this is Salem we're talking about. There you could sue your manicurist for improperly snipping off a hangnail 20 years after the incident.

Abe asked Lexie to meet him at Tuscany for a romantic lunch and then some "Afternoon Delight". Unfortunately, they got into a heated argument because Abe obtained a warrant for Brandon's arrest because of his failure to seek professional help to control his anger. Sorry Abe, you should have kept your mouth shut about what was in the envelope.

At Salem High, Mimi continued to harass Chloe and Belle kept defending her new friend. Phillip was worried that Belle and Shawn might get together so he decided to team up with Mimi to keep them apart. The wild card in all of this is Chloe, as she and Shawn hit it off and she is helping him with his Trigonometry assignments. So Belle could be facing some unexpected competition for Shawn's affection. Enthralling, isn't it? By the way the new Phillip's acting abilities make Austin look absolutely Shakespearean.

Lilli and Greta played the "Who is my father?" game but nothing was revealed. They later went to the Blue Note where they ran into Nicole and Eric. Nicole was busy manipulating Eric into thinking that she was not manipulating him and even used the old, "I've got something in my eye," trick to make Greta believe that there is something going on between her and Eric. There may not be anything right now but he sure is hot and bothered when he's around her so it's all a matter of time. That Nicole makes Mata Hari seem naïve and Eric is as sharp as John McCain is witty.

In the turret, Hope found out she was pregnant. The shock to me was as huge as when Ellen Degeneres announced that she and Anne Heche were moving in together but that's another matter. As Hope tried desperately to recall the events of the last year Stefano revealed that Gina was never at a loss for suitors so this put holes in her theory that Bo had to be the father of her baby. Stefano continued to send the SOS signal and the police showed up at the chateau. Kurt was able to throw them off the trail and then he climbed to the roof to try to pull out the antenna that was transmitting the signal but he fell off leaving Hope and Stefano fearing that their fate was sealed. And as if that weren't bad enough, a spider bit Hope in the leg.

Other tidbits:

Nicholas and Kate were found in a compromising position in the space shuttle right before its launch.

After a terrible week Hope received more bad news;she's being audited by the IRS.

There is new optimism that Stefano and Hope may be found as the Hair Club for Men has now joined the search.

That's all for this week.

January 24-28
Salem, January 30, 2000 While Bo and Shawn searched for the perfect spot to scatter "Hope's" ashes, Doug rushed to the funeral home to try to stop the cremation. Julie caught up to the grieving father and son and they all raced back to Salem. Once there, Bo searched the body and found a small bulge that could be scar tissue so he decided to postpone the cremation and get a DNA expert to determine just whose body was in the casket. By week's end the results were in and it was revealed that the woman in the casket was indeed Gina. The Horton's rejoiced but Greta prepared to mourn her mother's passing yet again. Just think if they had gotten the DNA expert when Gina came back from Europe and everyone suspected something was wrong all this could have been avoided not to mention how all of us could been spared another almost wedding. Well, at least now Bo is convinced that his Fancy Face is alive and is determined to find her. Later he went to see Victor to see if there was any news on Stefano's whereabouts. Victor's thug, I mean operative, called and told them that Stefano left Salem with Gina before New Year's Eve and then she returned alone.

Kate, afraid of her growing feelings for Nicholas, suggested to Victor that they leave Salem and relocate out west. This suggestion went over as well the arrival of Elian Gonzalez's grandmothers in Miami. He barked at her that there would be no move as Salem is his home. Nicholas arrived just in time to console her and they kissed. Those two really should get a room.

Nicole pushed Greta to take her old apartment. The unsuspecting Greta took Eric there to surprise him and surprised he was. What surprised me was the fact that, at first, she couldn't understand why he would be upset that she rented his old flame's apartment. That girl can sometimes be as dense as London fog on the nights Jack the Ripper made his outings.

John's flashbacks became more vivid but his fear of losing Marlena made him delude himself into thinking that they might just be nightmares he's having. Marlena suspected he was remembering something and assured him that their love was strong enough to withstand anything. Be afraid John, be very afraid.

Belle came to Chloe's defense when her friends made fun of her but Chloe was not impressed. Nancy, however, was and decided to encourage a friendship between the two girls. Sweet Valley Girl meets Mary Morbid.

Austin overheard Sami trying to get dirt on Nicole and he was furious with her. He said that sometimes it's hard to believe that she really has changed. They later made up and he announced that in order for them to continue exploring their relationship they need to live apart.

Brandon's hacker came through with Abe's file and he vowed to bring him down. He blames Abe for arresting his father when he would beat his mother. Well gee Brandon that is what the police are supposed to do. Let's face it, you just want Abe out of the way so that you can get into Lexie's pants.

In the turret, Hope began to suspect what might be wrong with her and she asked Kurt to bring her a pregnancy test kit. By her symptoms I would have guessed she was suffering from cholera. I haven't seen such violent morning sickness since Rosemary's Baby. Oh, oh, do you all think it might be Stefano's baby she's carrying?

Other tidbits:

 Doctors at the Mayo clinic have decided to investigate why it's taking so long for Marlena's wound to heal and yet Nancy is already out and walking after having two collapsed lungs.

 Nicole is enjoying her new position at Titan that she decided to get her degree as she thinks all she has to do is sleep with the Dean of Salem University.

 Bo and Shawn were asked to join the C.C. Rider motorcycle gang.

 John began to plan his defense for when Marlena finds out what happened in the Shagmarine. He wanted to hire Johnny Cochran but he declined saying this case is harder than O.J.'s because there was obviously no glove used.

 Kate and Nicholas were arrested in Salem Place after being caught in one of the positions of the Kama Sutra.

That's all for this week.

January 21-24
Salem, January 23, 2000 As the Bradys and Hortons mourned "Hope's" passing, more questions about the identity of the woman they would bury kept arising. When Doug and Julie went to remove her belongings from her suite at the Salem Inn they ran into Lilli who kept insisting that it was Gina who had resided there. She gave them some information that might finally end the Hope/Gina saga. She told them that Gina had an appendectomy scar. Never mind blood types, DNA, fingerprints, or dental records folks, this is the way to break this case. So Doug fought against the clock to try to locate Bo so that he would stop the body from being cremated. This will indubitably be another nail biter.

Marlena was devastated by "Hope's" death and contemplated giving up her non-existent practice but later reconsidered. John went to see her to uplift her spirits but then lifted Hope's file instead. Marlena was on to him and caught him just as he was putting it back. She said she was actually relieved that he had done that so that she wouldn't have to betray patient/doctor confidentiality. She should set up an appointment for him so that he can be treated for his delusions of being an international spy and maybe while they are at it, they can find out why he can't control the constant movement of his eyebrows. In any case, he continued to have flashbacks of his adventures on the Shagmarine and Marlena suspected something was up.

Alice spoke to Tom and asked him to take care of Hope. I can't help but think about the poor man's confusion as she keeps telling him of people who are heading his way, but they never arrive.

Bo and Shawn struggled to come to grips with Hope's death, and at the same time were confused as to why they could not really grieve, as they should. As Shawn reached out to Belle for comfort, Bo decided to bury his pain by continuing to blame Marlena for his loss and by asking Victor to have Stefano found and killed.

Kate lost her patience with Victor and let him know just how impotent he has made her feel since he's been back. In spite of her poor choice of words, Victor conceded that he has been insensitive and announced that he would move back into their bedroom.

Chloe and Craig called a truce with Nancy as mediator. It will probably last as long as the presidential candidates' promise to steer clear of negative campaign ads. You have to feel bad for Chloe. Not only does she have to contend with all those mean kids that make fun of her in school and teachers who obviously never took courses in classroom management, but then she has to go home and compete with Sugar and Honey for Nancy's attention.

Sami began to have misgivings about Austin's aspirations to box, but her worries fell on deaf ears as he told her that he would be fine and that she was beginning to sound like Carrie. That's funny, I didn't think he even remembered having been married to her much less what she sounded like. Later, he ran into Roman at Salem Place and he also voiced his opinion on the boxing world and his hesitancy to see his daughter and his grandson be a part of it.

Nicole showed Greta her old apartment and told her it belonged to a model at Titan who wants to sublet it. She then encouraged her to ask Eric over for a romantic dinner. I'm still not quite sure what her plan is but I guess it involves Eric seeing the apartment and remembering their time there. But won't he ask Greta how she got the key to it? Maybe not, as that would be too large a dose of reality.

In the turret, Stefano's signal continues to be picked up by a radio station but they can't trace where it's coming from. Maybe they can call Domino's and order a pizza and say they won't pay for it if it's not there in 45 minutes.

Other tidbits:

The line, "We are all victims of Stefano." Was inducted into the Repetitive Hall of Fame.

Bo wasn't sure how to grow his facial hair so he decided to make it resemble a McDonalds's arch.

John is so afraid of what will happen when Marlena finds out what happened in Hawaii that he decided to look for Susan so that she can vouch for the fact that he doesn't know one sex partner from another.

When asked about her recent lucidity Lilli revealed that she has been on a special diet consisting if Alice's donuts laced with Ginko Biloba.

That's all for this week.

January 10-14
Salem, January 16, 2000 After the melee at the Penthouse Grill, Gina's long dramatic goodbye dominated the week but before I get to that let's review the other events that took place.

John saved Shawn who had been forced to jump off the ledge by the gun toting Gina. He incurred the customary spinal cord injuries and Belle feared the worst but alas we won't have to see another Salem resident in a wheelchair. When Shawn awoke he remembered that "Hope" had tried to kill him and he told the family and Bo. They all thought it was her fragile mental state that caused her to turn on her own son.

Nancy insisted that Craig and Chloe get to know each other better but those two blend as well as gasoline and an open flame. Later in the week Craig surprised Nancy with the key to their new home. I'm sure he bought it big enough so that he doesn't have to run into the outspoken Chloe any more than absolutely necessary.

In the turret, Kurt returned to bring Hope and Stefano more food and they tried to put together an plan to overpower him when he handed Hope the olive oil she asked him for her dry skin. Why would someone who is facing death care about the appearance of her skin? Anyway, the plan failed and Kurt vowed that he would not return and they would starve. Hope later gave Stefano her bracelet to use in the transmitter and they were able to pick up a response to their SOS message.

Austin tried to draw Nicole out and get her to talk about her problems and her alcohol consumption but she retorted with her usual snooty remarks and informed him that she has everything she wants. One of those things must be cirrhosis of the liver. She also accused him of being nice to her just so that he could get her into bed. That girl's ego is only matched by her sour disposition.

Greta finally confided in Eric about her mother but the young Brady, who obviously fancies himself as psycho-therapist, convinced her that the woman fighting for her life in the hospital was a deranged Hope who managed to delude her into thinking that she was Gina. Nice work, Photo Boy.

Brandon and Sami went out and frolicked at Salem Place and later at the ice-skating rink. I don't mind so much the fact that Brandon is a consummate weasel but it does seem strange that Sami who has waited for Austin for so many years and now has a fighting chance would jeopardize that for a fling with the psycho boxer.

The Hortons and Bradys converged at the hospital to pray for "Hope" and it was there that a grieving Bo lashed out at Marlena and accused her of putting her professional ethics before her friendship with Hope. He insisted that she should have told him the extent of "Hope's" mental illness so that he could have acted before it was too late. It seems that the shock of possibly losing his Fancy Face has given Bo amnesia because I can remember Marlena trying to stop the wedding for weeks and he going on as if his love could mend whatever was wrong with Hope. Unfortunately, love and blind faith can't replace anti-psychotic drugs.

Gina tried incessantly to let everyone know her true identity but the usual interruptions and pointless sidetracking prevented her from doing so. She did reveal to Greta who her father is but since now, thanks to Eric, she thinks Gina is really Crazy Hope we don't know if she'll believe her. We of course were not able to hear who the proud Papa is as she whispered the information into Greta's ear. The suspense is killing me since there can only be two possibilities, Stefano and John.

In the hospital chapel, Bo had a vision of Hope telling him that only he could save her. This gave him faith that she would pull through but she died anyway. So much for visions that come to a man who hasn't eaten or slept in days.

Other tidbits:

Eric was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

Lilli was tarred and feathered and thrown out of Salem. The town council declared that they would not tolerate lying by visitors as that privilege is only extended to permanent residents who are experts at it.

Salem was declared a disaster zone for weddings. FEMA arrived and announced that they would relocate all couples who were contemplating marriage to a safe haven.

Greta will play the scarecrow in a remake of The Wizard of Oz. She got the part when the casting director discovered that indeed she has no brain.

Doug and Julie asked Bo if he could refrain from calling them again unless it's for something other than to see their daughter reject them and later die.

That's all for this week.


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