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Who's in the Pool?
and how they got there...
posted by Bradygirl 3/11/98

Kristen pushed Susan in the pool and left her, hoping she’d climb out.
Which in fact, she did.
Susan got out but only in enough time to be kidnapped by the Turban Man and whisked off to some unknown foreign land.Enter the Mystery woman. She looks like Kristen. That much we know. Here’s why I think she’s here. MW(mystery woman) hooks up with Susan in England before Susan comes back to Salem. The two of them cook up a plan to get Sister Mary out of Kristen’s grasp. They both dress alike in case Kristen were to see MW while she’s helping rescue SMM (Sister Mary Moira). MW waits out front for Susan to give her a signal. When no signal comes, MW walks around back. MW even goes inside and has a soda while waiting. By this time Kristen is changing into Susan clothes and Susan is being whisked away. Enter Laura. Laura sees who she thinks is Kristen out by the pool. Laura shoots at MW but MW stumbles backward falling into the pool. Laura has missed her. LOL! Next time she better pay for shooting lessons. Laura thinks she has killed her when MW doesn’t resurface. MW is really holding her breath waiting for Laura to exit. Exit Laura. Enter Celeste raving with Jungle Madness. MW climbs out of the pool. Whew, she thinks. Barely got out of that one alive. MW is tired and the drugs from the soda are taking affect. Celeste appears by the pool and confronts MW who she thinks is Kristen. Celeste raves about nonsense and MW again stumbles into the pool this time it’s for good. Celeste, not knowing what she is doing, leaves the scene and the MW to drown.


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