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Top 10 Misconceptions and Tips about the South!
posted by Dragontooth on 5/14/98

10) We don't all talk like Billy Graham!

9) It's not foggy on the bayou in the middle of the day. If so, how would we fish off the docks?

8) We don't run around barefoot in the bayou!! You could step on a water moccasin or an alligator!!

7) We're not all named Wayne or Earl or Bubba or Skeeter, that's just a select few.

6) If you're gonna make up a name for a bayou in Louisiana, at least make it sound Cajun, or Spanish. What's with Dugar? How about Bayou Boeuf, even though it's a real bayou, chances are no one's ever heard of it.

5) Believe it or not, the IS more than ONE hotel in New Orleans! This also goes for Paris and Rome.

4) No, we do not wear overalls 24/7 with a shirt with the sleeves cut off.

3) No, we do not ALL own big ferocious dogs that we train to fight. Some of us have gators.

2) No, we don't have Wild People running around in our backyard bayous!! Well.... most of us don't, and if we do, they're usually family.

And the #1 Misconception/Tip about the South:

1) If you're gonna create an imaginary plantation home, don't name it after a DEPARTMENT STORE chain in the South!!! Some of us might get a little confused!!

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