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Top 10 People to Guest Star on Days
posted by Dragontooth on 5/2/98

10. Al Gore- he would play Roman's (Stump's) long lost twin, Woody

Celine Dion- why not? she's everywhere else.

Bill Gates- he would play Stefano's latest servant, he makes all of Stefano's futuristic thingees that not only brainwash, but also does dishes while you wait.

Anna Nicole Smith- she'd be there to make Billie and Hope's boobs look more realistic.

The Pope- he'd guest appear to make Marlena a Saint.

John Travolta- he'd fly to Salem for a day to smack John around for wearing that ridiculous get up which looks just like the one he wore at his and Susan's wedding.

Dione Warwick- she'd come into town to recruit Celeste for her bankrupt Psychic Friends Network.

Muhammed Ali- Austin would bout with him in the ring and get his ass kicked.

George Clooney- the newest intern at Salem U Hospital, he'd try and learn how to be a brain surgeon/pediatrician/neurologist/ anesthesiologist/dentist/pediatrist, just like Dr. Mike.

And the number ONE Person to Guest Star on Days of Our Lives is:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself,
Sarah Michelle Gellar- she'd teach Susan how to REALLY get rid of those mean, mean, mean vampires!

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