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Top 10 Medical Emergencies that Could Only Happen in Salem
Posted by
Land Shark 4/26/98

10. Sami has a stroke when she looks down and can actually see her feet.*
9. Carrie is attacked by animal rights activists who think she is wearing a fur hat. Later they apologize and offer her a make-over.
8. Billie squeezes her belly so hard that the baby pops out several months early.
7. Someone tells Austin to take a long walk off a short pier and he does.
6. Roman is chopped in two by a roaming band of lumberjacks and used for firewood.
5. Gram Horton shoves a fork through Caroline's arm during a debate over which is better doughnuts or chowder.
4. Laura misreads take orally on her Placiden bottle and shoves a pill someplace unmentionable.
3. Shawn is mugged by a group of kids who were after his lucky charms.
2. John's face freezes in that "puzzled" expression.
1. To keep her from discovering the secret of Maison Blanche, Stefano pops Hope's implants.

* -Landshark wants everyone to know that this is not a crack about Sami's weight, rather this is a reference to the fact that Sami seems to have lost a little weight in areas that most of us not want diminished.....

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