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Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries of Salem
Posted by Orion on 2/26/98

10. What the hell is Abby looking at all the time when she's not saying her lines?
9. Is it pronounced Frah-nco or Fray-nco Kelly?
8. What ARE the secret ingredients in the famous Brady chowder?
7. Marlena's whale spout hair-do...just a bad hair day or alien homing device? The truth is out there!
6. Celeste's hair (always looks perfect and has such intense color...one might wonder if those are wigs she's wearing...hee hee!)
5. Austin's inability to enunciate and be coherent (what language is he speaking??? Klingon???)
4. Ever wonder why Shawn Brady sounds so much like the Lucky Charms Leprechaun??? Hmmmmmmm?????
3. Where the hell are Jonah and Wendy? Spontaneous combustion?
2. By any chance, was the Salem PD involved in the O.J. case?

And the number 1 Unsolved Mystery of Salem is....

1. Where was that worthless pool boy when Kristen...errr Susan?...needed him???

The Mysteries Solved???
Posted by Sonia on 2/26/98

10. Looking over her shoulder for Stefano, Peter, or the FBI.
9. Franco-American Spaghetti-O's.
8. Tomato sauce? It's red! Since when was chowder ever red?
7. As you said... the truth is out there.
6. Oh really? It looked so natural! :-)
5. Whatever it is, the most important word is "Duh".
4. If we ever SEE Shawn Brady. (Now with new rainbow-shaped marshmallow bits)
3. Too much babysitting Will. Remember, he's wooden - I guess something ignited.
2. Must have been! (maybe O.J. was right and it's really all Stefano's fault)
1. Maybe HE's the one who did it to MARY MOIRA.


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