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Top 10 Ways to tell if you're a Brady or Horton child
posted by CarrieReed on 7.20.98

10.If you go for weeks at a time without actually seeing your parents.

9. If you stay at your grandparents house, for an infinite amount of time.

8. If the only thing you're ever referred to as is, "the children"

7. If you're related to Will in at least one way or another.

6. If your nanny lets you walk around downstairs by yourself, so you can eat your Mom's candy with penicillin in it.

5. If your Dad calls you "sailor man"

4. If the only thing you ever say in, "When are we going to be a family again?"

3. If Roman or John calls you pumpkin of peanut.

2. If you've been kidnapped at least once.

And, the number 1 way to tell if you're a Brady or Horton child is...

If you can drink, drive, blackmail someone, hold a job, marry twice, and have a two-year-old son, yet you were born in 1984.

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